Monday, May 16, 2011

Hepi Teechairs Days

dear teechair,

i is wanted to swishing u olzzzz one happeely teechairs dayz. bescouse off you, many peoples dident spellt loike theese. tenchiu. but why peoples steel spellt ‘keep it up’ as ‘kipidap’. ‘daughter’ as ‘doter’ and ‘update’ as ‘hapdet’? oso i see dis ‘cantik’ as ‘santek’, and 'je' as 'jew'? the word ‘je’ is ohledi bahasa pasar, why we want to further degrade our language?

dis verry worry me. bahasa jiwa bangsa, izzit? plis du your part, teechair!


my eldest sister yong; teacher syazrin with students @ rps, ipoh. raja perempuan school is so lucky!


transformed housewife said...

I have always tried my best to correct my students spelling, sentence structures and grammar. I guess for the communication purpose, people don't really care for accuracy and proficiency.

Syigim said...

kak nur, i know u understand this completely! i agree, for comm purpose, as long as we understand each other, most ppl don't mind how bad the language is spoken!

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