Monday, May 30, 2011

Hot Summer : Air-Cond in Dubai Bus Stops

it’s summer again in dubai, which means hot, scorching hot, blazing hot and can-fry-eggs-on-the-tar-road hot. i remember a dubai friend of mine adzlin described dubai summer in her blog as, (i’m paraphrasing) heating up an oven, opening the door, and peering your head inside the oven. yes, THAT hot.

well, NOW it’s not THAT hot yet – but it’s going to be! presently, i would assume it’s just as hot as a regular noon in malaysia.


a bus stop in dubai


thankfully, dubai is considerate of its people who takes the bus day in day out, and the bus stops here are equipped with air-conditioned all season long. best kan?

i think i’ve written about this before, but i just want to share it again since 1) i found an interesting picture of how the bus stops look like in the ‘olden’ days of dubai, and 2) it’s that time again when i’m really grateful for the invention of air-cond!


the back part of the bus stops 



now back to the bus stops –

open the door and the whiff of chilly air will welcome you into a soothing, cooling exterior. it’s really great – especially during summer! the inside is designed simple but sleek, with metal chairs, clear glass panels, and bus route and other information on the board behind the seats.

aku dah try dah, memang seronok tau tunggu bas sambil menikmati air-cond. kalau masa sekolah dulu ade bus-stop macam ni kan best. gile berjam-jam tunggu bas rapat setia tu!


* * *


…but dubai hasn’t always been this awesome when it comes to bus stops! the picture below shows how the old dubai bus stops look like. it’s just by accident that i came by this picture. the old dubai bus stop is rather a small enclosure, isn’t it? which doesn’t help when there’s a large crowd waiting for the bus on a hot day.

i wonder whether these bus stops are still around… i’ve never seen one myself!



…and even dubai has this classic stand-alone metal post with the ‘bus’ symbol. you know, in school, when the teacher asks us to draw a bus stop – this is what we will draw right?


Bus Stop, Dubai, Dubai Travelogue, photo, picture, image


well, as of today, it still reads 40 celcius or so here in dubai, so *ENJOY* it while you can before it goes up to 49 and 50 celcius! and hey, i’m grateful that the days are still accompanied by cool winds, so the heat is not so bad.

well, look on the bright side (pun not intended!) – dubai summer sale is starting 22nd june till 31st july! get your shades out, your umbrella untied and *enjoy* the sun, people! or err, just head on straight to the malls and shop! hihi…

(all images : google)


Pala Maldini said...

kalau takde vandalism, tentu best.. sejuk nyaman, siap boleh tido situ kot ?

FN said...

syigim, kalau kat mesia bus stop mcm tu tak tahan lama. memalam mesti ade homeless ppl yg tumpang tidur, pastu ha budak2 conteng dinding. silap hari bulan, ade org yg cabut kuar aircond tu. Malaysia kan boleh for anything :D

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, mmg best tido sini haha.. tapi kat dubai ni mmg xpernah nampak homeless person atau pengemis. kalau pekerja buruh nk melepak, diorang xberani lepak dlm ni..lepak kat padang2 rumput je ;)

>> fara, sad...but true kan? :(

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