Monday, October 11, 2010

What’s Your Favorite Perfume?

some are crazy about perfumes – knowing the latest brand names, the most popular scent, and even collect the bottles. these people probably have 5 or so perfumes that they use interchangeably, daily.

some probably has two – one for day use, and another heavier scent for night use. some prefer a day-to-day wear, and buy a new one only when the previous bottle is empty. that’s me. haha.

these are my favorites through the years – estee lauder’s ‘pleasures’, clinique’s ‘happy heart’, and salvatore ferragamo. ugh, i’m not at all good with describing their scent specifically – but i totally LOVE the scents. suka sangat sangat!

sweet and sexy at the same time, elegant yet light and fun. tak pening!

my mr. khairul – i’m always in love with his paco rabanne’s ‘ultraviolet’ scent because it reminds me of the first time we met! other than that, whatever he uses is fine by me! grrr.

* * *

what started me writing about perfumes was getting these locally-made perfumes from mr. khairul. yeap, made in the united arab emirates!

it really emits the traditional arabic fragrance – and bak kata mr. khairul, you spray this perfume while wearing abaya, and it’s perfect! hihi.


ajmal perfumes is a brand that means "most beautiful" in arabic. it’s a brand with a rich heritage and over 56 years of experience and know-how in the intricate art of perfumery. it was founded by ajmal ali in the early 1950's.

i’m normally not into this classic arabic scent – it’s too musky for me, bau kuat sangat. however, the scent of ‘sacrifice’ is really nice. softer, and light.

to describe the scent better, i wish i have the ability to identify what exactly the scent is like, and compare it to an existing brand – whether it smells more like channel, or jean paul, or christian dior.

but i’m really a buta-perfume! what smells nice, smells nice! asalkan tak bau pening, regardless the brand, or whether it’s an old collection!

* * *


incidentally, mr. khairul just came back from cairo, egypt and bought me another ‘arabic scent’! however, in spite of its less appealing appearance and cheaper-looking box, this small bottle of perfume has a much more interesting story behind it.

mr. khairul went to the a dark-lookin store just beside the pyramids, looking for souvenirs, when a man approached him, and asked him to buy this ‘special’ perfume. he said its scent is inspired by cleopatra’s scent – a seductive scent that she used, to lure some of the most powerful men in the world!

“you ask your wife to wear the perfume…” and the rest is history…the perfume dude also said many other things – involving something about crazy horses – don’t ask!

anyone wants to try a dab of this perfume? *wink wink*


Hanz said...

me dari dulu sampai sekarang always like Elizabeth Arden Green Tea coz boleh perk me up daily! Kalu betul2 ada date ka, outing, go for heavy scent depends on event lor..

Syigim, u kat sana pakai ker minyak seribu mom suker sangat tapi lately ni bau dier dah kurang compared masa 90s..that's what she said..

Fara said...

current perfume emporio armani diamond, sbb hadiah kawin kan.. huhu.. paling suka (tapi dah tak de) giorgio beverly hills, love the bottle and love the smell much!

Syigim said...

>> hanz, elizabeth arden green tea pun best! :)

minyak seribu bunga? pe tu?

>> fara, perfume hadiah kawen masa beli best, tp bila pakai2 balik mcm xbest. kasi kat kakak. haha

transformed housewife said...

knur lg buta perfume sbb dah lama tak pakai. hubby tak tahan bau pefume jenis apa2 pun.

ICA said...

Senangnya Nur...jimat duit coz takyah beli perfume... I only use Miracle by Lancome. Kalau change yg lain, Ujang pulak complain kata tak best. But use only rarely coz dok rumah je kan...:))

Syigim, i like estee's perfume as well....mmg best.

Syigim said...

>> kaknur, syigim pun jarang pakai perfume esp sejak tak kerja ni. tp bila nk beli perfume mmg kena consider opinion of the husband! hihi

>> ica, actually khairul pun xminat sgt estee lauder, sbb dia kata ramai sgt dah pakai. dia nk bau yg rare sket hihi.

hmm, ica suka lancome... that's the last perfume my mak pakai, the one i bought for her. smapai skang simpan lagi perfume tu :)

adzsha said...

bob pun dpt perfume tu..memang sesuai lah kalau nak pakai masa pakai abaya hehe

my favourites are:
Chanel Allure, a bit strong for everyday use
Magnetic Beat by Escada, this is super sweet rasa muda remaja gitu hihihi

but currently im using bvlgari omnia amethyste -bau just nice suitable for day & night use

tapi i tgh tgg nak beli flora by gucci..mcm best bau not a perfume collector, bila dah abis baru beli yg lain but i always go back to Allure & Magnetic Beat

Diana said...

seems like my choice similar to yours :) mmg dr dulu suka pleasure and clinique happy...and lancome oui and issey miyake...currently using burberry summer, ok gaks!
rasa mcm nak try jer perfume yg u ckp tu...ihih ihih

Syigim said...

>> lin, u punya taste suma yg heavy2 scent (to me)! chanel & bvulgari i suka, but i rase xsesuai with me yg boyish & xfeminin ni! hihihi..

yup, khairul did say yg the men got the perfume from the ajmal owner himself kan? patut amik lagi few bottles hahahaha..

>> diana, iseey miyake is niiiiice too! suka jgk :) mmg taste kita lebih kurang yek ;)

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