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How to Donate Blood in Dubai

gulfnews dot com (uae’s major newspaper) ran a how-to on blood donation today. have you ever donated blood before?

i NEARLY did, when there was a blood donation drive at my school one day. the clinic/hospital personnel were stationed at one of the classrooms, and students who were interested were asked to register, then answer few questions to see if they’re fit enough to donate blood.

a few of my friends and i did register, and were just waiting for our turn to donate. we were offered some biscuits and tea. we munched, took sips – and left! i changed my mind at the last minute! adoi!

was it the needles?

* * *


anyway, i could probably ‘redeem’ myself after reading this article – here’s my chance to donate! in dubai, you can go to these two places to donate blood :

Blood Donation Centre (BDC), Al Wasl Hospital (kazim was born here!)
Call: 04 2192331
Time: Sun- Thurs 7:30am - 6:00pm

Al Baraha Hospital
Call: 2710000

* * *

here’s the do’s and don’ts for blood donors :

Those who can donate blood should:

  • Be residents of the UAE (yup!)
  • Be between the ages of 17 and 60 (turned 31 years old last june!)
  • Have a minimum weight of 45kg (ehem ehem, for me & the poor alat penimbang to know and for you guys to never find out!)
  • Not have donated blood in the last 90 days (never ever had!)
  • Not be suffering from any infectious diseases, influenza or taking antibiotics (alhamdulillah, none at the moment)

Those who can never donate their blood are:

  • Hepatitis B and C patients
  • HIV positive patients
  • Diabetics who are insulin or pill dependent. However, those who can control sugar levels through diet and exercise can donate
  • Alcoholics and drug addicts

Temporary deferrals (people who are unable to donate NOW, but can, at a later time) on people who:

  • Are taking antibiotics
  • Not feeling well due to fever
  • Have smoked or consumed alcohol in the last 72 hours
  • Have had tattoos or ear piercing done in the present year
  • Pregnant women
  • Anaemic patients who can replenish their haemoglobin can come back for donation later

When you visit a camp for donation, you should have:

  • Had plenty of fluids (gluk gluk gluk!)
  • Eaten nutritious food (nasi mandi? hihi)
  • Had a good night's sleep (ZZzzz)
  • Refrained from smoking or drinking (another good reason to quit it, honey! *wink*)

At the centre, they'll register you as a donor, take a quick medical history, do a medical examination, get you to donate and finally provide you with a place for brief rest and some refreshments to replenish your energy.

The process:

  • An area on your arm will be cleansed
  • A brand new sterile needle will be inserted, which will feel like a quick pinch
  • The actual donation takes about 8-10 minutes, during which you’d be seated comfortably
  • Refrained from smoking or drinking (another good reason to quit it, honey! *wink*)

After donation

  • You must continue to lie on the bed with your feet raised above the level of your body for ten minutes
  • Leave the bandage on for four hours
  • Drink extra fluids for the next three days, especially the first four hours after donation
  • Have a protein-rich diet and rest, which means not taking extra stress of work or driving

sources from, click here to read more.


* * *

i am A+. when i delivered khaleef, i was given a credit-card-size blood-type card from sunway hospital to be put in my wallet. senang kalo ape-ape hal, they simply look at the card to know which blood to give me in case of emergency – but i lost it when i lost my wallet few years back!

sayang betui!

do you know your blood type?

* * *

why should i donate blood? the feeling of knowing you will save a life? the feeling of knowing that if you or your loved ones need blood, it will be available?

one fine day, i must!

what’s your experience?


CikLilyPutih said...

belom penah derma darah lagi. but one fine day nak cuba gaklah..

Pala Maldini said...

dulu aku gi donate blood sebab nak tau blood type aku je..

hey, guess what ? we are in the same group..

Reena Rayyan said...

I was once told by the nurses at the blood donation drive that you burn 600 calories by donating blood - I have no idea if that is true or not but really sign me up - you can certainly justify a cookie after that! :))

Syigim said...

>> ciklilyputih, tu laaa...rasa mcm dah bole ni. dah xtakut needle sgt hihi

>> incik pala maldini, i found out about my blood type plak masa deliver my first son :)

Syigim said...

hi reena, 600 calories tu!!!! i didnt know that either. cookies, cakes n biscuits la camtu! ;)

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