Friday, October 8, 2010

Record Breakers in Dubai & UAE

as most of you might already know, united arab emirates is where you can see the tallest building in the world – the ‘burj khalifa’, (formerly known as ‘burj dubai’). apart from that, dubai also has the most expensive hotel in the world, the biggest man-made island in the world, the tallest hotel in the world, the biggest mall in the world, the tallest flag pole in the world – and macam-macam ‘-est’ lagi!

what else do they have, what else did they do, and what else did they build – to break world records?

* * *

most expensive license plate

in february 2008, the most expensive car plate number is sold at 52.2 million dirham! it made what siti nurhaliza paid looked like nasi lemak money! it was bought by an abu dhabi businessman saeed al-khouri. also, you wanna know how incredibly rich his family is? well, the previous record was held by none other than his own cousin, who bought a license plate number 5 for 25.2 million dirham!

* * *

the biggest aquarium in the world

apart from being the biggest mall in the world, the dubai mall also houses the biggest aquarium in the world! it’s awarded ‘world’s largest acrylic panel’ measuring 32.88 metres wide by 8.3 metres high by 750 mm thick and weighing 245,614 kg!

once, it actually cracked a little bit and flooded some parts of the mall! ngeri jugak kan. dah la aquarium tu ada shark skali…

* * *

the tallest guitar in the world

Music to fans' ears

the old hard rock cafe, dubai along sheikh zayed road, and the new one building at the dubai festival city

have you been to the hard rock hotel, penang? great experience wasn’t it, to see all the beatles exhibition and other music memorabillia. well, how about visiting the largest hard rock cafe in the world?

for eleven years, dubai already has a hard rock cafe along the sheikh zayed road (like our federal highway). it’s closed for a few years now, and will open a spanking new one in dubai festival city. it will be the largest hard rock cafe outside of north america.

not only that, it will feature the largest hard rock shop in the world, as well as the tallest ornamental guitar in the world! its height will be 118 feet (36 meters!),

* * *

tallest flag pole in the world

like our tall 100 meter flag pole featuring the malaysia flag jalur gemilang at dataran merdeka, this one aims to be the tallest in the world! it probably is, at 123 meter tall!

* * *

longest line of sandwiches

150 volunteers from kraft foods made 10,000 sandwiches to break the world record for the longest line of sandwiches, yesterday at dubai outlet mall. the sandwiches were arranged in a long line, and must touch each other, for a span of 2.6 kilometers!

“it took half a tonne of cream cheese spread, 10,000 baguettes and nearly 900 kilograms of tomatoes, cucumbers and olives to create the sandwich chain.” gile banyak!

my problem with record breaking that involves food is – what do they do with that much amount of food afterwards? i mean, remember the controversial record-breaking attempt to make a malaysia flag using beras by a group of school children (if i’m not mistaken)?

however, worry not – these sandwiches were packed and distributed to 5,000 workers in the sonapur, al quoz and jebel ali labour accommodations. so it’s all for a good cause, and even greater fun!


* * *

world’s biggest shopping trolley

we may have the biggest chair in malaysia (though sadly, the furniture mall was burnt to the ground around june, i think), but dubai has the world’s largest shopping trolley!

being one of the biggest shopping destinations in the world, it’s only apt to have that!

it’s 639cm in length, 250cm in breadth and 900cms high. 15 people too five days to build it, and was constructed by century mall. seriously tak pernah pegi pun mall ni. can check it out soon!

* * *

largest plates of dates

dubai also ‘served’ the largest plate of dates in the world! it was awarded to rakan maktoum al qubaisi, chairman of the organising committee of the fourth liwa festival. the liwa festival is where uae showcases its rich cultural heritage. the highlight of the festival is – the dates!

also, the UAE has been officially recognised as the leading cultivator of date palms in the world with 42 million trees!

* * *

for more record-breaking feat by the united arab emirates, click here.


transformed housewife said...

so many record breaking achievements! dah tak de kerja lain kot diarg ni ye.

Syigim said...

kak nur, mmg diorang ni byk sgt duit dah xtau ape nk buat...tu yg asyik nk buat yg TERbesar, TERtinggi & suma yg ter ter ;)

Anonymous said...

betul ke banyak duit?


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