Monday, October 18, 2010

Jom Ke Estet!

what a refreshing idea for a movie – a comedy focusing on the indian community, integrating with the malays as workers at a rubber estate. well, as far as malaysian movies mainstream is concerned, i’d say it could be suicide for director-writer mamat khalid to come up with something different such as this movie.

and i applaud his courage and creativity! (lagipun, takde la lain sangat. masih ambil farid kamil jadik hero! macam syarat wajib tayang je sekarang ni – ade je muka farid kamil!)

the story line sounds fun, though i can somewhat imagine a hint of stephen chow’s ‘shaolin soccer’ in it.

a football match between cinta manis estate and red cobra estate stems from an unpaid debt. two young men – a malay (farid kamil, lagi!) and an indian, join forces to fight, with a damsel in distress thrown into the mix – geetha. geetha’s father, subramaniam acts as coach, and this is probably where we’ll see some comical scenes.



3 reasons to watch this movie :

  1. it’s by the talented mamat khalid
  2. if you want to see an ‘alleycat’ act as a rubber-tapper
  3. this movie probably has the most number of indian actors ever in a malaysian movie


a football match between cinta manis estate, and red cobra estate


ONE, it’s by mamat khalid, who brought you award winning movies like the awesome black and white movie ‘kala malam bulan mengambang’, the delightfully silly ‘zombie kampung pisang’ (shooting took place at mr. khairul’s kampung, kampung lalang!), and who also co-wrote the epic ‘puteri gunung ledang’. talented, this guy.

TWO, if i’m not mistaken, there are possible cameos by rosyam noor, and beloved 80’s ballad-er, david arumugam of alleycats! you want to see david arumugam rubber-tap in his afro hair-do, then watch ‘estet’! as for rosyam, i bet he’ll be fun to watch in this one!



THREE, yasmin ahmad put together chinese and malay with jason and orkid’s love story. mamat khalid is trying something multicultural too here with indians and malays, via farid and geetha. very interesting to see how it all turns out.

 estet 25 Filem ESTET on Deepavali

the romantic leads – farid kamil & newcomer jasmin michael


there’s even a lesson not to resort to suicide as a last act of desperation. i’m sure there are few other cultural and racial stigmas that he would try to focus on, and depict humorously in this movie.




i think previously it was jaclyn victor who’s supposed to take the lead role as geetha. what happened, eh? comel jugak kalo dia yg berlakon!

the list of casts (above) for the movie is taken from this site – kind off like the imdb of malaysian movies! click on to read further about ‘estet’. pictures are taken from here. click to see more.



oh, and also - an indian-inspired movie is incomplete without a couple of singing bits, trees-hugging and rolls in the grass, eh? check out this youtube clip, i guess the original sound track for the movie ‘estet’ – titled ‘ayuh kawan’ by siva, featuring awie.

do wait for awie’s appearance – it’s gonna make you ROTFL. really.



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