Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Khaleef Has a Student ID!

for those who just found out, yes – my eldest boy is off to school for the very first time. he has a uniform; pale yellow color with dark blue shorts and black shoes. and he’s given a student identity card, hard and durable – looks like something a college teen would use to swap books from the library.



man, kids these days. macam-macam!



it’s got his full name, class, bus number, pick-up and drop-off point, as well as phone numbers of parents or guardians. it also includes all the important numbers for police, fire and ambulance.

he wears it with a lanyard strap fastly around his neck.

when he goes up the bus, the driver will take a bar-code reader that he put by his side, and swapped khaleef’s card! when he arrives home and goes down the bus, the driver will swap again.

what’s next? a bar-coded sticker on kids’ cloth diapers at the nursery?


harlinda halim said...

Nothing impossible kan? Everything will be bar-coded soon...by the way, khaleef's pic in the card is sooo cute! Hehehehe..senyum sampai telinga!

amirah said...

bagus juga ada sistem ni ye..at least the bus driver ada rekod..

lina said...

wah bagus nyer....kat m'sia ada ke don't think so. we wait alia go to standard one next year.

Pala Maldini said...

Good system. Should be implemented in Malaysia..

arin said...

system yang bagus. at least mak mak tau anak selamat turun dan naik bus ke sekolah.

Syigim said...

>> harlinda, pict dia tu konon cute sgt smpai khaleef sendiri bole point to the picture n said, "i'm so cute!"


>> amirah, yes betul. diorang akan tau budak ni naik tadi, mesti kena turun ikut pintu depan :)

Syigim said...

>> kak lina, hmm xtau la. dulu masa kita kecik2 mmg xde la sistem ni definitely. bas pun pack mcm sardin, takde masa nk swipe satu2!

>> pala maldini, with the number of kids going missing every now n then, we should!

Syigim said...

kak arin, yes! sure ade record budak ni naik n turun kat mana. so takde la main cmpak je budak2 ni kat mana2 jalan

firahadifa said...

salam kak ,

saye afidah , baru seminggu pindah dubai ..

masih xde kawan malaysia lagi ..

haha.. nway , follow akak yer.. byk nk tanyer nie.. especially nak membeli barang2 rumah ..

Syigim said...

hi afidah! welcome :) bertambah lagi msians kat dubai ni. u keja sini ke follow husband like me? dah makan nasi mandi? hihihi...

i'm not a veteran lagi kat dubai so bukan byk tau pun hihi but i will help any way i can! :)

email me ya? syigim at gmail

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