Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Syida : Master of Commerce

well hey, we’ve got a financial planner graduate in the family! 20102010 is her magic number now!

i’m so proud of you, my little sister. more than words. you’ve grown from a little girl who sleeps while eating maggi in the cup – to an outspoken, admirable young lady who can speak volume about money matters. from the comot days of methodist girls’ school, then a UM graduate, and now holding a master’s of commerce from deakin, australia.

congratulations on your convocation!

i hereby appoint you as my financial planner. pro bono!

didja hug that wombat for me?


Nia said...

wah,..congrats to your sister dear!
kirim wombat satu..hehe!

Syigim said...

thanks nia :) cute kan nama wombat hihi

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