Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Congrats, Hazrin!

last weekend my cousin got married. everyone on my mak’s side was there. except me. waaa!

ok, kalo korang slalu baca blog ni, mesti kenal tokcik kan? ala, tokcik yang ade kedai makan ‘selera desa’ kat taiping tu. my beloved tokcik!

ha, the truth is tokcik is only my grand-aunt, but because my mak’s mom meninggal muda, tokcik took over to become our one and only gramma! we love you tokcik!

so the story is, this is tokcik’s grandson – the second one to get married. hazrin is, to me, a quiet cousin – a guy with a few words, sebijik macam ayah dia, pak long aku. hari tu dah kawen dah pun mamat ni. tahniah! pandai pulak tu cari! comel je wifenye.


the dashing groom hazrin, with his blushing bride shima


they got married the week i left for dubai, on the bride’s side in terengganu, while they had a reception for our side just last weekend.

comel kan pengantin ni? *blink blink*



all my sisters came for the wedding reception, even abah! uhuk uhuk. so sad, being the only one left out for geographical reason! miss you, abah! (where’s the london picture with niraku? huhu)


from left : umi, syidot, yong, tokcik, abah, my bro in law din, syima, azot & tepi skali my niece cuya


a priceless picture of the my sisters the sharifuddin girls (minus the gorgeous one in dubai) with our beloved jewel of the family : tokcik! ~jealous tau!!!



the proud family of the groom : maklong mariana (tokcik’s eldest daughter), paklong & hazrin’s baby sister hanis


suka gamba ni *sengih*


wish i could be there with my abah, tokcik, sisters, aunts and cousins on hazrin’s big day. congratulations, hazrin and shima – and have fun! oh, shower her with lots of love, and just be a good listener!!! hihi.

thanks to my cousin amirul, for the pictures i took from your facebook. hope you don’t mind ya. ok, next change – anak puan norazlina pulak ye? wait for me this time!!!


amirah said...

cantik dan hensem..and love their wedding dress..cantik espcly the songket one because am a songket lover...hehe

Syigim said...

amirah, songket mmg forever lovely & elegant :)

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