Sunday, October 3, 2010

Want to Act in Mission Impossible 4?

if you’re in dubai, you can act, aged between 25 to 50, and has a fancy national dress fit for the silver screen, then you’re eligible to audition for the latest movie franchise of mission impossible, the fourth instalment. it’s set to be filmed in dubai starting next month, and the production team is looking for extras – 1000 of them!

if it gets me closer to tom cruise – why not! hihi.

somehow this reminds me of the time the production team from ‘anna and the king’ came to malaysia looking for kiddos to act as the king’s children. i remember my cousin wanted to try out, but backed down when the kids were required to shave their head to get the look of the thai princes and princesses.

anyway, shooting has already begin in prague as of now, and will continue next month in dubai, and end in vancouver.

they’re looking for people to fit these roles :

  1. 3 speaking roles are up for grabs – applicants must have acting experience
  2. arabic and european men aged 25-35 years and european women aged 40-50
  3. glamorous indian men and women between 25 and 50 years old, dressed in traditional kurta pyjamas or saris
  4. men and women of all nationalities aged 25-50 dolled up in evening dress, tuxedos or formal national dress
  5. businessmen and women from all nationalities aged 30-40

click here for more info.


* * *


tom cruise as ethan hunt, an IMF (impossible mission force) agent, has always been, comparatively, my favorite – more than the overrated james bond, and even jason bourne. i mean, the theme song along could give me goosebumps!

he’s so cute, he’s hunky, and oh that smile!

tom cruise in MI:1, and MI:2


i like him better in the first mission impossible, though. his character was young and slightly careless and vulnerable at the beginning, which makes him human. the scene where he dropped into the temperature-sensitive, sound-sensitive, high-tech vault – dropped like someone parachuting. that scene is classic, man.

in the 2nd instalment of MI, his character was over-dramatized to the point that it became too corny – the insane car and bike scenes, the supposed-to-be-rugged floppy hairdo, and the chick’s droopy eyes – too soap-opera-ish to me! even the theme score was brought up a notch, doncha think? jadi macam rock sket!

and i didn’t see MI:3. was it any better?

oh well, now MI:IV is filming, and i hope tom cruise’s hair looks as good as it did in MI:1! so, any takers for the roles of extras in dubai?


mama danial said...

Knight and Day dah tengok lom?
cute jugak dia dalam citer tuh with Cameron Diaz...:)

p/s: should watch Going the Distance...

Affieza said...

Salam knl K.Syigim...ur blog is really interesting to read. I list u as one of my blog list. Let's visit mine too.

:- akak nk ke blakon cite ni??? hehe

Syigim said...

>> kak wawa, blom tgk knight n day.. byk lagi citer lain yg blom tgk pun :(

>> affieza, hi, thanks for droppin a comment :) kak syigim pun dah add ur blog to my list.

bole jgk berlakon dpt gesel2 bahu ngan tom cruise kan hihihii

diyana anwar said...

knight and day was a frustration to me. duh.

Syigim said...

teh, blom tgk lagi. ye ke disappointment. how can cruise & diaz combo be a disappointment!! hihi

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