Monday, October 11, 2010

Unwanted Clothes : What To Do

saw this at a petrol station in dubai.




it says there i can contribute

  • clothing
  • abaya
  • kandora
  • bed clothes (blankets)
  • hand bags
  • paired shoes
  • towels

*abaya and kandoora are both traditional arabic dresses – abaya for female, and kandoora for male. and ‘paired’ shoes – maybe there are those who threw away only the left side of their shoes? camne orang nak pakai ye? hihi.

i think i have a few old baju kurung that i am willing to part with. they’re old, but still in decent condition. it’ll definitely clear up a huge space in my wardrobe (and make space for new ones, hahaha!). however, i wonder whether they’re willing to wear a traditional dress from another country – to where ever they’re distributing the clothes to.

also, maybe i can bundle up a few of mr. khairul’s old t-shirts too. the boys’ clothes? boleh simpan lagi – kazim can still wear! haha.


..but they do not need

  • soiled clothes
  • pillow
  • duvets (comforter cover)
  • books
  • hard toys
  • rug
  • carpet

hmm, no ‘hard’ toys – so soft toys as in teddy bears and such are okay? then i’m out of those. my boys’ toys are all tough, hard masculine-toys! haha. if you see any cute-sy stuffed animal lying around the house – it’s mine!


amirah said...

senang gini sebab saya bayk bju dah tak boleh guna lagi sejak menjak pregnant..hehe..dah tak muat but still in good condi

adzsha said...

kat petrol station mana syigim? tq for d info!

ICA said...

Yaaaa bestnya duduk Dubai!!! I ada 3 big bags of clothes yg nak donate right now at my house...last month dah bagi 2 bags away. Now tinggal lagi 3 bags. All this because we're moving and I dah re-org my house habis-habisan.. If only ada such service mcm ni kat senang. Takyah fikir2 kat mana nak bagi...

Syigim said...

>> amirah, yes, baju2 yg good condition tp xmuat yg kita donate. some ppl thinks that donation means kita kasi baju yg lusuh2 je! ;)

>> lin, petrol station ni kat jumeirah i think. cant remember specifically. we're on the way balik clinic lepas vacination si kazim.

Syigim said...

ica, ke mana bag2 baju you tu? u donate kemane? i'm seriously considering nk taruh baju2 lama i ke situ. senang kan? ;)

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