Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to Beraya in Dubai

despite my obvious joy and happiness of spending eid in malaysia this year, i do miss the equally festive celebration of malaysians in dubai during hari raya. you won’t really miss malaysian food, because anything and everything is served during rumah terbuka – from the classic lemang and nasi himpit kuah kacang, to the rare dishes like mee udang and nasi dagang.

also, the malaysian community in dubai is huge – so you won’t really feel lonely spending raya di perantauan. there’s always open house invitations left and right, from morning till night.

at first, i was quite disappointed that when we came back to dubai, hari raya here seemed to have subsided – no open house invitations anymore!

…and then – tada! my dubai-baker friend fida had her open house yesterday, and i was more than happy to attend! not only that, at the last minute, we also received open house invitations from lovely couples nyta & haikal, and lin & bob who live next door to each other so diorang surely buat open house sekali harung je! hihi.



kak nani, ada, fida & me


after plates of delicious nasi tomato, bihun sup and spaghetti at nyta and lin’s house, we moved on to fida’s. she bakes the best buns, doughnuts, cakes and cookies so i was really looking forward for some sweets here!



the men – in green! macam janji pulak! ~mr. khairul holding kahfi, sblah tu brader baru jumpa kat lif on the way to fida’s house hihi, abang razali with new baby rayyan, abang amran & abang musyil


the party started at 5 actually, and we came around 8 plus, so most of the buns, doughnuts and fida’s homemade chocolates were gone! nasib baik tinggal sekeping carrot cake with cheese frostings! it’s as good as i remember it! khaleef nak sikit pun tak bagi! hihi!

fida served mee udang, and nasi ayam, eh ke nasi minyak? among others. hihi. oh well, as long as it’s delicious! bubur jagung pun ada!



pictures are taken from fida’s facebook. thanks dear! no pictures at nyta and lin’s yet – i think ajue took some photos that day, sila upload cepat! hihi. i didn’t have time nor the opportunity to take photos – it’s kazim time ALL the time! kazim mengamuk gile. noone, and i mean NOONE can even look him in the eye, or he’ll start mencebik

anyway, thanks for having me and family! *hugs*!

* * *


as i ate plates of yummy goodies and meet my dubai friends, share stories and laughters, my mind wanders off to another dubai friend who had left dubai for good, back to malaysia! her husband got transferred back to the HQ there.

if she were still in dubai, her home is one of those must-go open houses, because she can really cook!

my good friend, fairus!



(raya 2009) us, with my kahfi and her falisha. comel! tepi tu pulak my khaleef & her tini! rindu!


we first knew each other only through our blogs, and then met for the first time after the solat hari raya last year (picture above). we clicked on so many levels even before we met, so when it was finally face-to-face time, we were like old friends.

she’s a wonderful friend whom i can count on to help out of keep a secret (barut kazim heheh..), and had opened her home many times with delicious food and malay delicacies – my favorite is her pulut kuning and the juicy chicken of her nasi ayam!

ah, this young mummy is a fantastic cook who can make her own tau foo fah!

it’s a great loss to my lonely-planet-life in dubai, but i wish her all the happiness in the world, and great life ahead in malaysia with hubby fadzil and daughters fatini and falisha. may our friendship remains for always!

we will really miss you, fairus!



* * *

ok, ada lagi jemputan rumah terbuka? syawal tinggal lagi seminggu – sempat lagi tau!


Ummi Hanie said...

that was nice,k.syigim ;)

Syigim said...

ummi hanie, mmg best walaupun raya di perantauan sbb meriah jgk :)

FiDa@aMiDa said...

Syigim baru hari ni dpt nak comment...entah apa lah laptop ke apa yg buat hal tak leh nak buat entry or comment..benggong hehehe
Thanks sudi dtg rumah fida..sorry kalau ada yg terkurang
and thanks for the serunding mcm tau2 je stok serunding dah abis hehehe

Syigim said...

fida, apehal laptop hero main2 dgn laptop tu ke hihi..

yg plg best skali sbb ade plak lagi satu je slice carrot cheese cake tu. best! tp choc homemade dah abis :( tinggal strawberri..lenkali kena cepat! hihi :)

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