Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Secret Recipe in Dubai

it’s no secret that ‘secret recipe’ is one of the best cake stores in town. i started munching cakes there even before they introduce asian food in their menu. most delicious mushroom chicken ever, and tasty cakes!

i thought about the pictures i took here when i went with my youngest sister after reading this entry by one of my favorite bloggers, hidayah. click here to read her bit on secret recipe.



my favorite secret recipe cake is, without a doubt, the award winning marble cheese cake. simple, basic cheese cake without the mess of blueberry on top, or nuts or even chocolate. it’s plain cheese. it’s a cheese cake through and through!

soft texture, rich cheese taste. never disappoints. and there’s just enough layer of crumbs at the base to give the slice a crunchy-chewy bit.

i usually eat it slow, soaking up all the cheese and moist, and let it just melt in my mouth. heavenly!


marble cheese cake


my next favorite secret recipe cake would be the banana chocolate cake. i LOVE anything with banana, so this is a double winner because it also has chocolate!

it has this lovely creamy chocolate icing in between the banana slices that’s not too sweet and buttery like what you usually get with sponge cakes. i will ALWAYS, always scrape the icing away on sponge cake.

but on this banana choc slice, i even scrape the leftover icing, and at times, even spread it on a cream cracker! yummy.


banana chocolate cake


there’s no ‘secret recipe’ in dubai, so i went there for my final dinner in malaysia before flying back to dubai. it was just me, my youngest sis azi and kazim – because my other sis syida was still at work, while khaleef and kahfi were out with their bapak and my in-laws.




azi ordered her favorite tom yam kung, one of the few asian delights offered in the secret recipe menu. it comes steaming hot in a big white bowl. can azi really finish this?




it’s a soupy dish with thin strips of kuey teow. there’s also big-big prawns, mushroom and mix vege. it’s very spicy too! so, be prepared to cry your eyes out as you enjoy this fiery dish!



mushroom chicken


my favorite savory dish at secret recipe has always been the mushroom chicken. i NEVER order anything else. seriously.

well, i’ve tried their cordon bleu chicken, spaghetti, lasagna and even fish n chips – but they’re always from other people’s plates! no matter what, no matter when, no matter whom i go with – it’s always mushroom chicken for me!

it’s essentially grilled boneless chicken with a generous pour of mushroom gravy. huge chunks of mushroom, not just tiny bits. it’s served with buttered rice, but you can choose to change it to french fries.

on the side – crunchy fresh green salad, slices of tomato and white onion, with a string of thousand island dressing. yummy.




i paired up my dish with a tall glass of iced chocolate with whip cream. nice! by the way, i really don’t care much about whip cream actually. i think they serve no purpose! hihi. menyibuk aje!


* * *


some cafes similar to secret recipe have overpriced food in their menu, with no quality to match. it’s all becoming more about fancy setting and being a cool hangout, than the food itself. but not secret recipe.

the food is affordable, tak mahal tak tentu pasal, and it’s delicious. the cakes are superb, and i don’t think about any other cakes when it comes to buying for birthdays or wedding hantaran. the place is cozy, both a comfy family place and a cool hangout with pals or that special someone.

secret recipe? guess this is one secret that i’m NOT keeping! err, is anyone thinking of bringing the brand to dubai? or shall i? haha.


Pala Maldini said...

My choice..

Cake : New York cheese

Air : Cappucino

Makanan : Irish Stew with extra bread


Affieza said...

My choice..

Cake : Indulgent cake

Air : White Cream Chocolate

Really enjoy eat at there...

:- K.Syigim bljr ke kerja kt Dubai

adzsha said...

Mine (in bracket Bob's)

Cake: Chocolate Indulgence (high fiber cake)

Air: some coffee thing, I cant remember (lime juice yg ada asamboi tu, if i'm not mistaken)

Food: Tom Yum Noodle (irish stew or cordon blue)

now you got me all salivating house dekat dgn SR, 5 minutes jalan kaki..sometimes when i needed some alone time i would go there and makan sorang2..that was a long time ago, before kahwin la..

i put selalu ckp d same thing psl SR dengan Bob..kalo nak makan cake sedap2 harga tak smp rm10 pun..kat sini mmg tak dapat la..

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
Ya Allah. My O my!
Secret Recipe can never thank U enough - A Free Ad Across The Universe!
But its really one of d better places!
Know what? - there r 3 outlets within 5 minutes drive from my home!
If Dubai is going 2b ur second home 4 a very long time; definitely acquiring d franchise wld b an excellent option. :)

Syigim said...

>> pala maldini, new york cheese is nice jgk :)

>> affieza, ooo i LOVE choch indulgent jgk! cream dia sedapppp!

kak syigim ikut suami ke dubai. dia yg keja sini. i lepak2 je hihihii

Syigim said...

>> lin, waah lin, siap list bob punya skali haha. too bad khairul is not a fan of SR. i slalu sgt pegi before kawen, but after.. well! :P

now kat dubai kalo nak kek sedap, nasib baik ade fida! haha..

>> kak G, yah free ad kan. secret recipe should gimme free cakes for life hihi... imagine if i open up an outlet in dubai.. hmmm.. ;)

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