Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonderlicious Waffle World

big fat hot fresh waffles, plump scoop of my favorite ice-cream flavor, a trickle of hershey chocolate syrup, slices of banana, and a little cherry on top to make perfect the dish - excellent!

a year away from malaysia, this is still one of my favorite dessert spots in one utama shopping mall - the waffle world.

usually after a heavy meal of nasi ayam at the foodcourt, or laksa at penang village, or a mcd meal, we'll go jalan-jalan first before making a pit-stop for dessert. and usually, it's waffle world.

just a little cafe next to a&w at one utama new wing, it offers wonderfully delicious desserts of waffles, crepes and pancakes. sure you can go to the much posh 'paddington pancake' cafe for many more choices, but for a cheaper plate of pancakes, go to waffle world.

the place were almost empty when we came, much to our delight. the waiters were friendly, and even the outlet manager helped us make a choice.

not that he needed to help - i already knew what i wanted. fat waffles with banana, choc syrup and vanilla ice-cream!

my kahfi

khaleef and kahfi waited in high anticipation. khaleef is a real sweet-tooth and ice-cream freak, while kahfi eats anything. hihi.

my khaleef

here there are not only sweet waffles, but savory ones as well. i've never tried any of these sandwiches - made of waffles stacked on one another with salmon or turkey in between. sounds like a treat?

haven't i said enough about my hot waffles with the ice-cream and banana? that's what i ordered! i chose the 'banana waffles', while mr. khairul went further up and ordered 'banana walnut', which was basically similar to what i ordered, but with an added walnut spread on top.

* * *

...and here's my banana waffles! gemuk kan, waffle dia?

waffle may appear smaller than actual size!

that's what i really like about waffle world. the waffle is not only filling because of its size, but the texture is really wonderful - soft interior with lil bit of crispiness lining the sides. incredible, especially when you add cool vanilla ice-cream to that mouthful of hot waffle shreds. throw in a couple of banana bites, and you're in waffle heaven! hihi.

just perfect.

..and here's mr. khairul's waffle. with walnut! he also ordered this strawberry smoothies. a nice drink to complement the awesome dessert!

strawberry smoothie

open wide, kahfi!

* * *

step into waffle world today - one utama, 2nd floor at the new wing, right next to a&w. man, writing this made me wanna go there right now and have a plate of warm waffles!


arin said...

gie OU , pernah gak nampak tapi tak pernah stop and makan sini. wafle tu nampak menyelerakan.mmg boleh stop la next time ke OU.

i.z.m.a said...

selama ni lalu lalang je depan waffle world ni, tapi tak pernah tergerak nak try. tapiiiii... lepas baca entry ni, tiba2 sangat teruja nak try jugak, huhuhu..

ramona said...

nice review! hee~ :D

Nadiah Sidek said...

sedapnya...nak jugak!!! sila pos ke sini :p

Hidayah Ismawi said...

looks yummy..lately we have only been getting our waffle fix at A&W :) But just with plain vanilla ice cream lah ..

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Syigim said...

>> kak arin, kalo suka waffle, gi je sini. murah, fresh, portion berlambak. mmg worth it! :)

>> izma, try. murah je daripada nk makan kat paddington pancake :)

Syigim said...

>> ramona, thanks! :) nk waffle?

>> nadiah, okeh waffle lembik ngan ice cream cair satu ke nebraska! hihi

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, a&w waffle is also good :) but try this one and you wont go anywhere else for waffles! ;)

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