Thursday, July 29, 2010

Extraordinary Blind Side of Toy Story

another 3 movies from the mind of syigim - two of them are inspired and based on true stories, and the third one is definitely, a made-believe one.

extraordinary measures, the blind side, and toy story 3.

* * *

a father with two sick kids. very sick kids. they will die, because there is no medication for their illness. what does he do?

'don't hope for a miracle. make one' - so goes the tagline for the movie, and that's exactly what the father (brendan fraser) does. he reads up a lot of the illness. he contacts this grumpy scientist (harrison ford) who did many research and produces many writings on the illness. he pays the scientists. he rakes in money from other sources. he makes things happen, just so he could have a few more years with his kids.

harrison ford looks super old in this movie, but delivers powerful performance as always with his signature smirk as the aging scientists that seemed to be overlooked in his own time. too bad the the mom-dad-of-sick-kid team of brendan fraser and his female co-star wasn't believable.

i don't feel their sadness. i don't feel their desperation. even as they stood in front of their kids, looking at them playing helplessly on their wheelchairs, the parents didn't hug, or at least hold hands - a physical act to show that 'we'll get through this', or 'we'll be here for each other' kind of physical display. they should at least dramatized the affections between the parents!

as a movie about parents with terminally ill kids - this one doesn't move me as it should. you wanna watch a really touching story - watch 'lorenzo's oil'. excellent. anyway, really - to what length would YOU do to save your kid's life?

* * *

sandra bullock won best actress with this movie, and i can see why. she delivers her character with gusto; a rich southern white lady welcoming a huge black teen into her family, into her life. she's confident, she's kind, and she's got guts!

the black teen, big mike evolves throughout the story - first, the lost puppy look, sad and unloved. gradually, as he became more and more part of the family, his expression changes - more confidence, more life, and certainly more joy. it moves me to be part of this changes.

the movie itself is simple, without any extreme conflict that would normally arise when your wife or your mom or your neighbour brings home a total stranger - a homeless black teen of a drug-addict mother from the ghetto, no less! her husband only expresses doubts, but gives in with full support. her kids love big mike.

'the blind side' refers to a term in american football, and watching the movie you'll see why it's important in nurturing big mike's talent in the sport, as well as how he cares for his new family.

highly recommended!

* * *

fine, fine. by this time i'm probably the last few people who has seen toy story 3. but now i have, ok so pipe down! hihi. well, never expect an animated feature about toys could ever make me cry.

woody, buzz, jessie, rex, mr. potato head and the gang had been a part of my 'cartoon' collection for the longest time alongside snow white, aurora, cinderella, ariel, aladdin and genie, nemo, sully, remy and many more endearing characters. so, seeing them in this 'goodbye for now, but we will always be together' theme of a movie really brought me to tears.

andy, the owner of the toys are all grown up, and i thought that would bother me, but andy is actually as adorable as the grown-up kid off to college and naturally detaching himself from his childhood toys.

the final scene is extremely sweet - at 31, i wonder where my barbie doll with the kembang hair is, and my bright purple-pink clown who moves its head when you turn the lever behind it. are you guys safe somewhere, my little childhood toys?

oh, my favorite scene has got to be when buzz started speaking spanish. priceless!

* * *

more movie-reviews coming. watch this space.


Anonymous said...

Aslmkm Syigim.
TQ 4 ur recent visit & comment.
Its been quite sometime since I last visit U here. :) But Kak G practically remember all my friends ... real or virtual! :)
Hmmm, love & affection should be shown but not demonstrated ... however its not always easy to do either one 4 some people. Probably dats wat they would like 2 portray in d movie.

Syigim said...

hi kak G, it's true that displays of affection is not always easy for some people. i didn't consider that before. thanks! :)

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