Sunday, August 1, 2010

Self-Service Frozen Yoghurt @ Tutti Frutti TTDI

there's ice-cream, there's sundae and there's gelato. and then there's frozen yoghurt, said to be a healthier alternative to ice-cream. i had a cup last weekend, from a new dessert spot in taman tun called 'tutti fruti'.

the cute cafe is situated in jalan tun mohd fuad in taman tun dr. ismail, kl in the same row as kfc and ayamas. parking can be a hassle during peak hour, but your effort will be worth it!

i went with my sisters syima, syida and azi. azi suggested the place as she wanted to belanja us with her first salary. thanks, baby sis! she paid for lunch earlier, and now dessert!

syida and azi, syima holding marissa, and me with kazim

the interior is simple and white - white walls, white tables and chairs, and bright lighting. the only decor on the wall were these circles with tantalizing pictures of fresh fruits and frozen yoghurt.

now, what's interesting about this dessert spot is not only the healthy frozen yoghurt, but the fact that we can 'create' our own cup of frozen yoghurt - pick a cup, choose the flavor, choose the toppings, choose the syrup - and we do everything ourselves. it's all us!

have caution though - you pay for what you take! every gram of 'em!


  1. select cup size
  2. dispense or mix frozen yoghurt
  3. choose favorite toppings
  4. weigh and pay

i chose the medium-size cup

from the moment we enter, we immediately saw stacks of cups in two sizes, with a poster explaining the step-by-step of how to 'create' our own cup of frozen yoghurt.

my niece cuya

right next to it there's a row of frozen yoghurt dispensers (similar like the ones in 7-11, but dispense like mcd ice-cream sundae), with yummy flavors from the classic chocolate or vanilla to the more adventurous flavors like banana-berry, guava and choco-berry.

and since you're doing it yourself, you can even mix the flavors. i picked guava and vanilla, and of course, chocolate.

syida dispensing yoghurt into her cup

however, don't get too excited pumping mountains of frozen yoghurt, and dumping a gazilion chocolate chips in your cup - because you pay for the WEIGHT of the cup that you filled!

yes, no matter WHAT you take - regardless which flavor or what toppings - you pay for the weight.

oh, got frozen yoghurt in your cup already? let's move on to the 'toppings' section.

hershey syrup at the topping counter

note the hersheys bottles on the counter. you can FREELY pour the chocolate or strawberry syrup on your frozen yoghurt. imagine squeezing all those syrupy sweet chocolate without care!

there's basically two types of toppings - the fruits, and others. so geram! i felt like including everything in my frozen yoghurt cup! there's lychee, rambutan and longan. cubes of kiwi, strawberry, mango and even passion fruit.


to add color to my white, pale colored frozen yoghurt, i took JUST 1-2 cubes of pink strawberry, yellow mango and green kiwi. kelakar jugak. tak nak bayar mahal punya pasal, ambik sebijik je kiwi tu sekadar nak kaler hijau! kalo amik banyak-banyak, kena bayar banyak jugak pasal berat!

next to it, is another cluster of toppings - cornflakes, choc chip, oreo cookie, m&ms and even gummi bears! i didn't take any toppings from these guys - tak nak tambah berat! hihi.

finally, the moment of truth - finding out how much you have to pay for all the goodies you've taken!

before you can enjoy the cup of frozen yoghurt you've pick and choose by yourself, you weigh it, and pay. so remember, keep those greedy thoughts to yourself - pick only what you're willing to pay!

* * *

here are my sisters' cups - with A LOT of longans, and in syima's cup, some bits of passion fruit. syida added a little color to hers by sprinkling some colorful chocolate rice.

...and this is mine! frozen yoghurt - sour guava with sweet vanilla and bittersweet chocolate, topped with bits of strawberry, mango and kiwi. perfect!

one spoonful - what's not to love? cold dessert with sweet fruits!

however, i was disappointed with the chocolate flavor. they should put a 'warning' haha, something like that it's actually 'bittersweet' chocolate, or 'dark' chocolate, because it was definitely too bitter for me.

my sisters syida and azi love the flavor though - well, to each her own!

i'd go again for sure. and this time, i'll know what tastes best, and i'll choose better! probably just guava, with a lot of fruits. and perhaps a sprinkle of cornflakes to give it a little crunch! how would YOUR cup look like if you go to 'tutti frutti'?

my youngest sis azi went here before actually. read about her funny review here.


lina said...

best nyer i duduk dekat pun tak sampai2...seronok nyer tengok u adik beradik.

dbalkis said...

seriously macam sedap...nak try aaa..

transformed housewife said...

Syigim duduk KL sampai bila? Knur's sis in-law ada tinggal kat Tmn Tun tu. Mcm kena cub jugak ni. tergoda tengok gambaar2 kat sini.

arin said...

garangnya muka kazim..

Syigim said...

>> kak lina, kalo dah dekat tu, ptg2 boring2 tgh panas2, bole la drop by makan frozen yoghurt! :)

>> dbalkis, mmg sedap. ni first time i try frozen yoghurt :)

Syigim said...

>> kak nur, kat ioi mall pun ade one branch if it's closer :) i'll be in kl during the 1st week of puasa

>> kak arin, kazim mmg macho sket hihi

adzsha said...

these days i skimmed through je ur blog..becoz ur current entries are filled with ur gastronomic adventures..makes me hungry & jealous hehe

just kidding bout d skimming through part hehe

i rasa kat dubai mall pun ada style timbang ni tp xpenah try..

KambingBujang said...

how much u paid for a cup

Syigim said...

>> lin, sedap la niii..if dubai ade i sure nk pegi. but sure gile expensive dia charge pergram hihi.

appreciate u reading my blog :))

>> kambing, (mcm betul2 plak ckp ngan kambing) rasenye mine was rm11.

Myra Jay said...

Sedap dan menyelerakan.. mahal tak??

Syigim said...

myra jay, mmg sedap! suka rasa sour tu. mahal tak mahal bergantung pada byk mana u ambik, sbb u byr ikut gram - lagi berat lagi mahal! ;)

poj said...

ada halal cert tak tutti fruti ni? tgk kedai baru bukak kt Prima Sri Gombak tade pamer logo halal pon, saspen plak nk makan...

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