Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Little Lollipops

this is for their bapak in dubai. khaleef, kahfi and kazim. our little lollipops, honey!

10 things they miss about you :

  1. they miss your hugs and kisses
  2. they miss you driving them around
  3. they miss massaging you by stepping on your back as you lie down
  4. they miss you tickling them silly
  5. they miss your bad singing
  6. they miss you taking them out for ice-cream
  7. they miss fighting over the x-box controller with you
  8. they miss you kissing their boo-hoos away
  9. they miss your protective arms carrying them around
  10. they miss calling out ‘bapak!’

they just miss you very much!


transformed housewife said...

aww...samalah kita. anakk2 knur pun rindu dgn papa diaorg yg ada kat NZ lg. hr2 tanya, "When papa is coming back?". Mama diaorg pun rindu juga dgn papanya. huhu

Syigim said...

ooooo kak nur, your husband is still in NZ ke... ala cian. betul tu, budak2 ni rindu kat bapaknye, tapi maknye pun sama! hihihi...

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