Friday, August 20, 2010

Share For Berbuka @ Italiannies

huge portion that is ‘so good, so share’ – that’s what ‘italiannies’ is known for. the name speaks for itself in terms of the type of food they offer – my big favorite – italian food la! pasta, spaghetti, pizza – i love ‘em all. heck, i’d be SO at home if ever i go to italy!

with cozy italian kitchen setting, i was more than comfortable. wooden window panes, chequered table cloth and a visible kitchen – combined, they make up a great setting for buka puasa as well! i love the stony floor, i love the little frames on the walls in groups. i even love the little details of kitchen stuff like pots and cans, on a plank high up near the ceiling.

i went to the one at the curve, damansara with abah, umi, my boys and my youngest sis azi who came straight from work.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         umi & abah

like i mention at the beginning, the tagline at italiannies is ‘so good, so much, so share!’ – and it’s there for a reason! the dishes here are fit for 2 or 4 people, maybe more! so if you come here in a group of four, it’s fairly enough for you to just pick one single dish, and share!

i confessed, when i was an italiannies-virgin few years back, i was with 2 other buddies and we each ordered a dish for ourselves. man, we were stumped when we saw the portion! rupanya memang banyak and meant to be shared!


i LOVE spaghetti. and my boys LOVE spaghetti. so there’s no second thought on what i ordered for berbuka today!

spaghetti, tomato sauce with meatball. perfection. oh, wait. near perfection, because i was hoping that the tomato sauce be more rich. other than that – perfect. even abah loved the meatball! speaking of meatball, in its true ‘so share’ motto – the meatball is huge!


we got 4 huge meatball on this plate, fit for 4-6 people, i guess. i think it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that it’s about the size of my fist. yeap, ball up your hand now – that’s the size of the meatball. takpe, sedap!

see my abah, with the huge plate of spaghetti. besar kan?


abah also ordered fried calamari, which khaleef took a lot of, but turned out he only wanted to korek-korek the tepung goreng!


this next one will be my new favorite – chicken salad. ok, i’m sure it’s got some fancy name to it but lupa lah! but one thing for sure – the salad is so festive! meriah with so many colors of so many food items!

it has got chicken bits, of course, croutons, fresh lettuce, mango (yes, mango!), grapes, and tomato cubes! combine them all – excellent partner to my already delicious main course!


all in all, it was a satisfying eating experience for this italian-food-fan. thanks to abah for opting italian food over indonesian food (we checked out this ‘bumbu’ place before settling at italiannies, but the place was fully booked).

this is the beginning of a wonderful weekend as i’d be spending time with abah and my sisters. so abah, where to berbuka tomorrow?

or can YOU suggest any great place to eat at the curve? (cadangan ditutup pada pukul 4.30pm! hihi)


Anonymous said...

yup. i'd definitely go for the salad.


mama danial said...

we went to Marche on Thursday. Ramai grab the prawns since kalau ala-carte on normal days memang mahal. if u love lamb, ciken, seafood, this is the place to be. Let the boys run around at the playland while the rest makan. Tak payah risau nak cari anak kat mana. If u nak pi, book awal and request for the table nearer to the playland. It's RM58 nett without drinks.

Syigim said...

>> honey, shall we go again just for the salad? ;)

>> kak wawa, marche mmg top of the list, tapi xsure lagi nk try ke tak.

ade playland tu mmg plus point, sbb kahfi sgt2 restless, xmo duk diam! we'll see. thanks for the brief review, kak wawa! ;)

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