Saturday, August 14, 2010

5 Things To Do in Kampung

the kay boys are in their bapak's kampung yet again. now you would think these boys need their x-box, the big-screen tv with dibo singing, or transformer toys to make their playtime worth while.

they beg to differ.

welcome to khaleef and kahfi's guide to fun time at kampung!

* * *

1) stone picking.

stones are in abundance all around their opah's house. pick some over here, throw a few over there. repeat process. it's fun, it's exercising motor skills, and it's less yucky than say - playing in the mud.

...let's just hope they don't use tunggal (the family cat) as a target practice!

* * *

2) eat rambutan.

there seemed to be an endless supply of rambutan whenever they're here. lumps of hot red rambutans hanging on the tree at the front lawn, and at the back. oh heck, the house is surrounded by rambutan trees!

my sweetest memory of these rambutan trees was with mr. khairul's arwah opah. i was pregnant with kahfi at that time, and was looking at the trees filled with rambutan. i simply commented, "banyaknye rambutan," and immediately mr. khairul's opah 'ordered' her grandson to pluck a few, just because the person asking (me!) was a pregnant woman!

* * *

3) bird-watching.

mr. khairul's dad built a huge bird cage right beside the house. it's a pleasure to go out in the morning and just enjoy the sound of the singing birds. more than often, the boys could even feed the birdies.

khaleef at the bird-cage

* * *

4) ride on bike.

it's an old rusty bike, and they don't even wear helmets! but never fear, their uncle asrar (mr. khairul's youngest brother) just took the boys around the front lawn! here in kampung would be the only time the boys get to be on a bike, so they appreciate the 'ride' - as short as it was!

* * *

5) chasing chickens.

this would probably their most favorite activity when in kampung. chasing anything that moves. they stop to count ants. they call out to the goats next door. they chase chickens, and in kahfi's case, while shouting as well.

so, have you gone back to kampung to break fast with your mak abah or atuk opah?


i_sofia said...

huhuhuhu.. blom balik kpg lagi.. nk balik dekat2 raya nnti, terus raya, lepas rindu, all-in :)

my zarif pun kalau balik kampung will surely x duduk dlm umah.. hahahah.. x senang ayam2 tu kalau dia ada!

lina said...

kahfi betul2 balik kampung kejar ayam tak pakai seliper..:) seronok betul kan macam alia juga masa umur 3 - 4 thn.

arin said...

kampung takdak ayam. takdak laman besar. :(

la ni so called kampung, umah Mil kat selayang. lagi haru.rumah kiri kanan.

umah parents di melaka, ada kucing je. jadi la untuk bebudak ni kejar kucing.

Syigim said...

>> sofia, tu la biasenye mcm tu la balik 1-2 hari sblom raya dapat la sehari-2 bukak pose, then raya terus kan :)

haha. nak semelih ayam, suruh budak2 ni je la yg kejar kan?

>> kak lina, kahfi memang xpakai kasut! pakai pun, sure terbukak, sbb buas sgt berlari sini sana ;)

Syigim said...

kak arin, mmg camtu. rumah abah syigim pun mane le nk ade ayam kambing sume ni. nasib baik la parents khairul choose to live kat kg. ade la jgk suasananye.

kucing pun akan jadi mangsa kalo trnmpak kat kg ni! hihi

ICA said...

syigim, looks like the boys are having lots of fun at their opah's house. Bestnya.... Hey, how long will you be in Msia? I hope you'll get the chance to celebrate raya here as well. Take care dearie.... me got lots of catching up to do with all your wonderful entries...:))

Hidayah Ismawi said...

rindunya kat kampung lepas baca entri ni :(

MY LATEST ENTRY: My CRAZY secret project

Syigim said...

>> hi ica!!!!! SOOO nice to hear frm you after all this while. miss ur comments! :D

alhamdulillah, smpai raya in msia woohooo! tapi seminggu je raya. jaaadilah! ;)

>> hidayah, then go! go balik kampung! ;)

transformed housewife said...

hr raya baru boleh balik kg kat Kelantan sbb tiket flight sblm raya mahal sgt dan cuti pun susah pulak nak dpt. huhu

The Juggling Queen said...

same je aktivitnye cik syigim.. the differ is, my kids got bitten with lots of nyamok and agas. should see how they turned up.. missed u a lot syigim, really. gonna missed u a lot more after this, and your handsome kids. :(

Syigim said...

>> kak nur balik kelantan ye. takpe, janji dpt balik! :)

>> fairus...fairus....miss your comments in my blog! yeap, khaleef & kahfi pun berbirat2 & berbintat2 with nyamuk bites jgk! :P

yes, definitely missing your beautiful family too! sob sob :')

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