Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lauk Kampung @ Selera Desa, Taiping

another must-go makan place for me when i go back to malaysia : tokcik's 'selera desa' in taiping, perak. i went there last week, because i know once ramadhan comes, tokcik won't be opening her kedai makan.

i just LOVE this place. much has been written about it, so to check out a longer posting with more lauk pictures, click here.

not just for its delicious sambal. not just for its juicy ikan keli bakar. not just for its famous daging hitam. but the owner makes it special, my grand-aunt - the most affable makcik kedai makan in all of taiping!

azi drove all the way, picked up khaleef and kahfi whom i left at kampung that week, then went straight to taiping. my nephews haiqal and haqeem followed - penuh kereta!

adik bongsu tok, ngan anak bongsu mak

the boys ate super fast, while khaleef finished a bowl of rice and soup soon after. there's a small field in the middle of the food stall area, and the boys played there while the grown-ups chatted.

there was only one item in what hardly can be called a playground! a run-down see-saw was the only thing the boys can play with. tokcik's grandkiddos sabrina and her sisters joined in.

i like the picture below. tengok khaleef gelak!

* * *

hmm. my baby sister seemed to be getting too good in driving, that i always let her drive! she can be zooming away once in awhile, but overall she's a careful one!

on the way back, the boys dozed off real quick - tired from all that see-saw action! hihi. haqeem and khaleef were squashed beside each other at the back, while big bro haiqal took care of kahfi at the front passenger seat.


but hey, haiqal wasn't the only one playing the 'big brother' role. suddenly i noticed khaleef's hand on kazim's thigh. siap tepuk-tepuk.

another awww.

during ramadhan, tokcik's food stall is close, but you can check out the place other times. for lauk kampung, sambal sedap and ais kacang special in taiping - look for tokcik's selera desa!


arin said...

tunggu gua blk tepen..sure dtg kedai tokchik. dh lama tak blk tepen.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

Uwaa! I should not have clicked on that link ..kan dah terliur puasa2 ni ..uhuhu

MY LATEST ENTRY: Ford County Stories by John Grisham

mama sufya & ica said...

oooo tu ke budak sorg lg pakai baju oren tu....hihihi

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, pegiiiii...confirm layanan best punya. hihi..

>> hidayah, lauk kampung like that always have that effect! ;)

Syigim said...

>> yup syimot..budak tu yg pakai baju oren skali tu. mmg nampak sgt teringin nk join kan. hihihii...

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