Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why Pork Haram : Explained By a Christian

i wanna share a youtube clip of a christian preacher, joel osteen who was offering a sermon on pork, ham and bacon as ‘unclean’. he speaks very clearly; in a simple, straightforward manner that any sane person would be able to understand why pork should be considered haram to be eaten.

mind you, he was addressing the sermon to a congregation of about 40,000 people!

he says he “doesn’t want to take a chance on putting that junk into his body, so (he made) changes for his health sake, and to honor God.” so simple, right? to honor what Allah has forbid, but also logically - for health reasons!

Allah knows best!


transformed housewife said...

this is an interesting video. It's true that Allah knows whats best for us.

Syigim said...

kan, kak nur? just to share :)

Hanz said...

Syigim, thanks for sharing this!

Syigim said...

sure hanz :)

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