Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ihya’ Ramadhan My-UAE in Dubai

my beloved mr. khairul is now ‘single’ in dubai. but to his surprise, turns out there are a lot of ‘bachelors’ in dubai right now! masing-masing punya anak isteri dah siap tunggu diorang balik malaysia untuk hari raya!

and if you think they’re so uncared for during ramadhan, without a wife to prepare iftar dishes, and noone to wake them up for sahur – fret not – the association for malaysian professionals in uae (united arab emirates) my-uae pro organizes a wonderful event every friday during this ramadhan month.

everyone is welcomed – especially those ‘poor, lonely bachelors’!

dubbed, ‘ihya ramadhan’, it started with the bazaar iftar at the same venue, and continues on with the ‘ihya ramadhan’ program where malaysians berbuka together with an abundance choices of food.

my mr. khairul in brown t

one of the fridays, the malaysian ambassador to uae, dato’ yahaya abd jabbar also joined in to berbuka and perform tarawih prayers with fellow malaysians in dubai.

after berbuka puasa they congregated for the maghrib, isya' and tarawih prayers.

the tarawih prayer was followed by tadarus Al-Quran and concluded by a tazkirah session, lead by ustaz nazri. kudos for my-uae pro team for squeezing in as many religious activities as possible in this once-a-week program.

ustaz nazri

in fact, during the second weekend's berbuka session, the malaysians in dubai received an honorable guest – tuan haji jamaluddin elias or fondly known as pak jamal of ‘yayasan amal malaysia’. he actually shared his experience on the mavi marmara of the freedom flotilla. priceless!

tuan haji jamaluddin elias

not only that, after the tarawih prayers, they could also pay their zakat fitrah, in the amount of 20aed, at a ‘counter’ opened especially for that purpose.

events such as this not only fills up their ramadhan with amal ibadat, but also strengthen the ukhuwah between their malaysian brothers and sisters in islam of dubai. wish i was there with you, honey! awaiting your return on pins and needles!

*credit to ex-president of my-uae pro, mr affandy shaari for the nice pictures. thanks!


Nia said...

kalau di perantauan, berbuka puasa mcm ni ramai2 mesti rasa sayu aje kan.

Syigim said...

nia, mmg sayu kalo terkenang org2 di msia..tapi rasa syukur skali sebab ade jgk org2 yg nk organize program2 mcm ni. dpt la jgk buka puasa ramai2 :)

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