Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Muara Sg Duyung : Best Ikan Bakar Ever

at this place, i ate, what is arguably, the BEST ikan bakar i've ever tasted. i want to be selfish and not tell you exactly where this place is, because it's already crowded as it it.

however, good food are meant to be shared, and so i will.

a sneak peek at the ikan bakar

the place is 'muara sungai duyung', melaka. to get there, just follow the old road leading to muar. along the way, just be on a lookout for a narrow path leading to a river - and you'll eventually see the ikan bakar restaurant.

when at lost, asked around. that was how we first 'stumbled' upon the muara sungai duyung.

i have 3 boys; one of which is a baby that sleeps in the baby carrier upon a stroller. the place is huge enough for a whole lot of strollers, or even spaces for kids to run around.

it's clean. it's clear and bright. it has a nice view of the river, and it's festive with shouts of the staff making orders for the patrons.

speaking of making order, here's how -
  1. you pick a seat,
  2. check out the counter at the back with all the fresh fish, crabs (and even a tub of siput sedut that are still moving!),
  3. make your order,
  4. sit down and wait for your order,
  5. eat,
  6. drink,
  7. be merry,
  8. and pay at the cash counter.

another plus point is, the food comes fast - before you can even wonder 'apsal lama sangat ni?' or make basi jokes like 'diorang ni masak ikan ke, gi tangkap ikan?'

bravo! this part is very important in every restaurant - serve food promptly!

the ikan bakar is served together with this cicah - soy sauce, cut up limau purut and cili padi, together with slices of onion.

nasi lemak

also, it's the first time i ate ikan bakar WITH nasi lemak! really a new thing. when i first came i still ordered white rice, and eventually tried it with nasi lemak. not bad. different, but it's still good!

how's ikan bakar with icy-cool jugs of fresh orange and watermelon juice? perfectorific!

ikan bakar

...and here's the main dish - the ultra delicious ikan siakap! salty sweet and succulent. soft and melts in your mouth. take a spoon, cut into it, and watch the juice trickle.

it's fresh, and it tastes fantastic.


ok, at first, i thought this is kepah. and then i thought it's probably something else. wanna help me out here, anyone?

fried squid

here's my personal favorite - the sotong goreng tepung. this is a must-have in my list of lauk because (being a picky eater, remember?) i love to have ANYTHING crunchy to go with my rice and other lauk.

keropok is best, popadam next, and other deep fried food item would do fine as well. that's why having this fried squid was just perfect.

chilli crab

specially for mr khairul's spicy-nut tastebud - the ketam masak cili, and udang masak cili. yes, masak cili. myself being a tak-tahan-pedas chick took just a bite, and left it up to mr. khairul to finish it.

chilli prawn

* * *

...and at the end of the day...

if you're a fan of good seafood, your pursuit of the best ikan bakar stops here at muara sungai duyung. simply because of its freshness, great taste, and highly affordable. try it yourself!

we finally went there this time around, we will go again when we come back next year, just like we went there last year. click here to read about our last year's trip to muara sungai duyung.


mama danial said...

not always you can get the food really fast..kalau ramai orang, berjinggut jugak tunggu! Especially kalau pi festive season, pi awal sebelum Maghrib...:)...
pstt....takder ke orang jual toys kat entrance?

The Juggling Queen said...

been here!! the place look well improved since I came last 6 years (masa pregnant Tini). tetibe nak pegi lagi plak, bole la ajak fadil g situ utk our honeymoon bile die balik nnt..

arin said...

betul kata my sister ( mama danial ) tuh, kitaorg kalau gi sini , akan sampai petang or b4 maghrib sebab kalau tak, sangat susah nak dapat seat.
p/s: the boys tak paw toys ke kat entrance. andai diorang letak meja jual toys. :)

adzsha said...

drooling!!! looking at your pics rasa familiar je tmpt tu..mcm pernah pergi je hhmmmmm

lina said...

syigim..i know now you are enjoy malaysian food.Do come to my blog to collect ur new task ya....

Miss Eeta said...

Syigim, dried squid tu bukan suku-sakat Paul Octo tu ke? Ehehe..

i.z.m.a said...

kitorang pun dah ada kelik yang akan trip setiap tahun pegi melaka semata2 nak makan kat muara sungai duyung ni + jalan2 melaka. trip wajib every year!!

by the way, nama makanan laut tu bukan kepah, tapi pepahat @ sepahat.. menu wajib kalau pegi situ, pepahat halia cili padi.. marvelous!!

Syigim said...

>> kak wawa, thank goodness masa kitorang gi, service super fast walaupun boleh tahan crowd. maybe sbb hujan renyai2 ;)

>> fairus!!! lamaaaaanye u tak gi! mesti pegi once fadzil dah smpai msia! :D

Syigim said...

>> kak arin, budak2 ni mmg xmintak toys, psl xkan dpt! hihi..

>> lin, mmg drool-fest hari tu!!! hihihihi..

Syigim said...

>> kak lina, dah amik tag, dah buat dah...tunggu 'scheduled post'ye..hihi

>> miss eeta, bukannnn...paul tu sblom org goreng dia, dia mesti nk buat ramalan2..tepat plak tu! tu yg org xsampai hati hihi..

Syigim said...

izma, mmg kitorang pun gi melaka semata-mata nk makan ikan bakar sg duyung!!!

ooOOOooo...tu pepahat ye? thanks!!!! :)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

drool inducing pics.. I love seafood! .. usually we went to umbai (melaka) but the place isn't as good as it used to be..must try this next time

MY LATEST ENTRY: Otak-otak Ayam @ Assam Pedas Melaka

Pala.Maldini said...

The 'thing' is not kepah.. it is called PEPAHAT or PAHAT-PAHAT.. I think..

Syigim said...

>> hidayah, the first time we were lookin for ikan bakar in melaka, we did 'singgah' umbai, but found it to be too commercialized. bila tanya otai2 around the area, they suggested muara sg duyung to be better. the rest is history! hihi

>> thanks bro pala.maldini, next time kena ingat : note to self, it's pepahat, NOT kepah! ;)

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