Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fun Facts on FIFA World Cup

i don't really care who will hoist the highly coveted world cup.

however, i am still interested in the history of an event as huge as this world cup, and found these interesting tables and charts from this site.

* * *

okay, i don't much about world cup, but from the match results day in, day out - even i know there were a lot of upsets, right? just look at the history of past winners!

brazil and argentina players already bought keychains and south african souvenirs, while the italians and french probably brought home some jabulanis to kick at.

i also don't know players, except messi - and that's only because his face was stamped on every single KFC paper plates!

click here for more interesting facts about the FIFA world cup. or else you can check out the graphs below for the 'most goals scored by player', and 'most appearance by player'.

* * *

also, did you know that one of the many referees that was pre-selected for the FIFA world cup matches is a malaysian? cool, eh? - yelah, aku baru tau - gimme a break!


Wan Anie said...

saya memang tak amik pot langsung world cup tahun ni... tv pun x on kat rumah... hehe

xleh nak komen pasal bola...

you are here syigim, ooo lama tak jenguk sini tak tahu yang u dah balik m'sia.... welcome back!

The Juggling Queen said...

2 x 5 la kite..

Syigim said...

>> wan anie, samalah kita! hihi...

yup, dah kat msia nearly 3 weeks! :D

>> 10 bahagi 2 la kita, fairus haha

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