Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cuppacakes @ Wondermilk Cafe from Syida

met the wombats. my sisters. syida and azi.
in malaysia.
over cupcakes!

* * *

ok, i have a confession before i begin.

i'm not a fan of cupcakes. i LOVE cakes. but cupcakes - not so much. they're SO irresistably cute - but no thanks. remember my ratio rule? cupcakes are just too small to accomadate THAT much frosting, or cream, or icing. too much.

however, anything is GOOD for an occasion as special as this. a sweet reunion between siblings!

our yummy cuppacakes!

syida bought me and my boys some cupcakes from 'wondermilk' - a cute cafe in damansara uptown. i've never heard of this cafe before but apparently it's an extremely popular place to get cupcakes; according to syida.

she bought the very chocolatey one, the pink one for the strawberry-nut khaleef, an oreo cupcake and another one with a cream cheese frosting - which i took.

also, the cupcakes are - let's just be honest here - quite expensive, considering something so small. i mean, i dunno about you but rm4.50 for a lil cupcake is certainly NOT cheap!

i guess it's 'chic' to pay for the brand, the obviously cute classy cupacake designs and to carry the little black box with the cuppacake logo around!

i have to be really special to deserve such a pricey dessert! hihi.

khaleef of course, was extremely excited. he's my little sweety-tooth boy, you see. he loves doughnuts, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pudding - you name it. if it's sweet, chances are he'll be at the other end of it - munching away!

expensive, yes - but the cupcakes are also yummy - soft to the bite, and doesn't crumble. so i guess you're paying for quality as well. most importantly because it's NOT too sweet. the cream on top complements the cake well.

cute little sweet delight!

thanks syida dear, for the sweet surprise. loved it, and love you!

* * *

for a sweet bite this week, visit wondermilk cafe at damansara uptown, or check out their super-cute cupcakes design at their website.

click on the picture to check out the interior design of the wondermilk cafe - can appear to be a little cluttered with all the funky decor, but still quirkily cute to me. hihi.


Izan Ishak said...

wondermilk nama yg selalu disebut2... yelah...mahal ye 4.50 seketul kecik saje...tp xpelah yg penting sedap!

The Juggling Queen said...

nak jugak! kena tunggu mr.fadzil balik dulu la, baru bole naik KL. thanks syigim!

lina said...

syigim - mmg mahal tp berbaloi sedap teruatama yg chocolate itu.

Syigim said...

>> izan, tu la adik i ckp wondermilk ni popular. mahal sedap takpe la. dr mahal xpsl2 kan :)

>> fairus, it's cute, n yummy. your girls will love it! i hope im around kl when ur there ;)

Syigim said...

kak lina, saya suka yg cream cheese tu! hihi

Nadiah Sidek said...

tak minat jgk cupcake. muffin ok. cupcake tak berkenan, tmbh2 topping2nya tu

adzsha said...

dulu i tak minat sgt wondermilk ni sebab toooooooo sweet..seriously, this is coming from someone who has a sweet tooth :P

they must have improved la tu, must try it when i get back. bila la tu huhu

RM4.50 is agak boleh tahan mahal kalo harga kat Msia..tp kalo kat Magnolia Bakery, dhs 10 seketul..

Syigim said...

>> betul la nadiah, kita pun psl topping yg berlambak2 tu yg xminat cupcake. tapi suka tgk :) cute sgt kan? hihi

>> adzlin, ye ke dulu sweet? ni first time i try, and ok la. sweet yg bole diterima lagi hihi.

kat dubai xyah ckp la. i masuk 'sugar daddy' pun klua balik! hahaha.. 12aed!!!

appledia said...

U make me craving for ONE...huwaaa
But seriously,they are good!(part rega tu *tutop* mate jala..)
U shud try the MINIS they are da BOMBS!

Syigim said...

appledia, mmg yum! part harga tu, skali skala oklah...nk treat ourselves kan hihi...kalo nk kasi i sekotak besa for bday pun OKAY!!! hihi

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