Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tun Mahathir's 'The Loaf'

"tumpang tanya, mane bakery yang dr. mahathir punya tu?"

and with the direction from the info counter, we were off to level 3 of pavillion, kl to go to 'the loaf' - a bakery said to be the ferrari of all bakeries, because of its posh setting, with pricey breads and pastries!

this pavillion branch is the second one after the one in langkawi.

i've been wanting to go here since forever! especially knowing that it's owned by our former prime minister, tun dr. mahathir. knowing that the bread and pastries are said to be always fresh and not only delicious, but nutritious as well!

'the loaf' in pavillion actually covers two levels - level 3 for bread and pastries, and level 4 for dining - offering a decent range of the usual soups, steaks and chops, plus itallian dishes.

at level 3, the bakery - we were definitely spoiled with the choices of fluffy fresh breads and pastries of all kinds!

one with almonds all overs, another with syrupy chocolate covering, and another one with raisins and some with sesame seed. they're not the usual basic 'cheese bread' or 'egg tart' that you would normally find at any other bakeries. these are really 'branded' breads and pastries - 'the loaf' brand!

which one to choose - rambang mata!

semua nampak sedap!

notice khaleef holding the paper box? there's a whole pile at the entrance, as well as at one corner at the back of the bakery. you enter, you take a paper box, and start 'browsing'. pick a few pastries of your choice and head on to the counter at the entrance to pay.

the line was quite long when we came!

with a paper box in hand, we continued walking up and down the bakery. the lane in between was quite narrow, so if you're taking your time looking around, you'll take up space, especially during peak hours!

yummy wholesome bread! as i looked at these yummies, i remember a quote from 'ratatouille' - how do you tell a good bread, by the sound of the crust! (i wasn't able to squeeze any of the bread, unfortunately! hihi)

as we were browsing and choosing - and can't make up our mind - i saw one of the pastry staff taking out a tray full of freshly baked bread - and placed it in one of the many glass showcases. he placed the tray inside, and left the glass ajar.

saje je nak kasi klua bau!

i inspected it - it was this twisty bread with swirls of chocolates and sprinkle of sliced almond, called 'heavenly choco'. that's it! that's what i want!

hot, fresh from the oven, and chocolatey! yes, i want that one!

sedap gile!

rm8.20?! it really was pricey! but being a 'new creation', there was a 50% discount. first time tengok roti ade diskaun! hihi.

if you just wanna have the bread and pastries, you go up these few steps (like the picture above) to the counter at the entrance, queue up, and pay. then sit down and enjoy your snack.

however, if you go up (like khaleef in the picture below) you'll get to level 4, to the dining or restaurant area of 'the loaf'.

if you opt to sit here and have a little meal, you do not need to queue up to pay for your bread - just take your bread upstairs, and they will charge your bread together with what you order at the restaurant.

reading the menu, there's even a bit called 'tun's breakfast' - coolness!

* * *

so what did we order? we only wanted to snack, so we ordered mushroom soup to share. it's presented in this adorable round sesame bread, with its top cut out like a cover. cute.

salty to perfection, thick and creamy - don't let it sit too long, or it'll be slightly soggy. just slurp it while its hot!

i was having a bit of a coughing fit, so i ordered hot chocolate. what's not to like? it's hot, and it's chocolate! however, i was halfway regretful of ordering hot chocolate to go with my 'heavenly choco' twirly bread!

mr. khairul ordered this bad-ass of a drink - it's cold, it's juice-like, but with a heavy taste of ginger! it IS in fact, a combo of three item - two fruits, plus ginger!

DID NOT like it!

khaleef chose this triangle-shaped bread, soft and thick, with sugar all over. no matter how far we walked along the bread and pastries, he still wanted this one. it tastes like a triangle-shaped doughnut.

* * *

here's khaleef enjoying the view below. nyum nyum.

..and here's kahfi with the background of the restaurant. simple, comfy and kids-friendly.

...and here's kazim with my 'heavenly choco'! pricey - YES! but worth every bite? DEFINITELY! i'll come again just for the twirly bread with the chocolate swirls that's just heavenly!

tun, sedap la roti kat kedai tun! hihi.


armouris said...

info tentang Dr. Mahathir di SIHAT SELALU - Rahsia Muda Dr. Mahathir

appledia said...

Yupe..LOAF memang sedapp!
Addicted to their GALLETE(the one that Khaleef had)ever since.

Faizah Munirah said...

sedapnye..looking forward nk singgah jgk bile2 ke sane.

Syigim said...

>> thanks armouris. sonok baca psl dr. m :)

>> appledia, i didnt even remember it was called gallete! hihi...khaleef mmg suka sgt. suruh pilih yg lain pun dia tetap nk yg tu! ingatkan nk suruh dia pilih roti yg fancy2 sket. hihi..

Syigim said...

faizah munirah, semua mmg nmpak sedap2 sbb fresh & cantik2 hihi. mahal sikit, tapi berbaloi :)

strawberi said...

yeah..mmg sedap..i pi mkn kat tingkat atas tuh..then tapau roti bwk blk..packaging dia mmg stylo..masa pi..tun partner jepun dia ade..

Hidayah Ismawi said...

was just in pavillion today ..wish I had read you entry first :( I love bakeries.. and this one looks alike a really great one ..


Syigim said...

>> bestnye kalo pi masa tun ade! :D
ala...patutnya tapau kan. bole la dpt pacakaging dia! ;)

>> i've always wanted to go to the loaf. so bila gi pavilion, that's THE main destination! hihi. pls try soon. at least once!

Anonymous said...

i think someone stole ur dessert pic n story n put in her blog. read below:

Syigim said...

anon, thanks for the info. i checked it out, and i think it was a harmless posting ;) still, i appreciate u informing me.

guess i should start 'watermark'ing my picts! ;)

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