Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Quiet Lunch & A Noisy Bbq Dinner

WARNING : this is a pictorial entry. few words. lots of pictures.

my mak has two younger sisters; i call them auntyna, and cik. and for great delicious homemade dishes, they're just a phonecall away. last weekend was probably one of the best makan-makan sessions i've had while in malaysia this time around.

lunch was at cik's house in ipoh, then we headed on to kl for a bbq dinner at auntyna's house. two makan besar in one day!

mr. khairul who is currently 'on tour' for 2 weeks with his management team, was sadly missed. you're SO missing this, honey! more for me to gobble up! hihi.

* * *

yong, cik holding kazim & me

so first up, was lunch at cik's house. cik is mak's youngest sister. with all her girls away in college and working in kl, she's at home with husband uncle rosli and her two boys umar and abu.

just cik, us - me, my younger sisters syida and azi. our eldest sis yong joined in later.

kazim with his wancik

there's nothing more satisfying than having an aunt who can just whip up a meal, made to order. since in dubai i've been raving about her deliciously sweet-spicy ikan keli cili padi, kuey teow and nasi tomato - and those were exactly what i got when i came back to ipoh.

cik's fried spirali pasta

and even when the wombats (my younger sis syida and azi) came back to ipoh, they too ordered what they were craving for - fried spirali pasta, and kuey teow ladna. yum yum.

syida wanted kuey teow ladna. a salty savoury delight made basically with flat noodles fried slightly, with a party of mix vege, chicken and mushroom. excellent.

my sisters; syida & azi

the spirali goreng was a request from azi - sweet spicy concoction of spirali, fried in chilli sauce with cut up chicken, crab cakes and fish ball thrown into the mix. nice.

it was a simple lunch with quiet bliss. just us adik-beradik and our young aunt. while we were busy exchanging tales, khaleef and his cousins haiqal, haqeem and husna were busy playing outside.

* * *

saw this lovely picture in a frame. a picture of cik with her eldest sister; my mak. mak was holding her first grandson, haiqal.

rindunya kat mak!

finally, a group photo to remember the moments; syida, haiqal, yong with husna, cik holding kazim, me and azi.

thanks so much, cik - not just for this lunch, but for the previous ikan keli, kuey teow and nasi tomato! love you, cik!

* * *

from cik's house, we headed straight to kl for a bbq dinner date at auntyna's place. it was a noisy, festive affair indeed - mak's cousin, mak keh was there. cik's daughters who are studying and working in kl were there - wani and yaya. auntyna's whole family was there - uncle mi, my cousins shina, rini, nayah and amin.

noisy, noisy lot!

mak keh holding kahfi, me, and auntyna carrying kazim

once we're out of the car, we could already smell the grilled marinated chicken, hotdog and my most-wanted - lamb chops!

happy hungry me, ready to eat!

also, one look at the table and i can see a generous spread of yummies!

there was auntyna's specialty nasi ayam. bowls of coleslaw and mash potato to go with the bbq-ed meat. also few itallian dishes (i love itallian food) spaghetti, baked mac and cheese, and my cousin rini's best dish - lasagna!

the sweetest (literally AND figuratively) yummies were these adorable little cupcakes, baked especially by chef shina, for her beloved cousin who came back all the way from dubai!

it was a simple butter cupcake with chocolate cream on top, dotted with lil edible beads. best feature was the tiny red love-shape right in the middle. lovely!

however, somebody fed kahfi too many cupcakes that night (FIVE i think) and he went toing toing TOING with sugar rush the whole night!

chef izan and chef amir

a running joke that night - new 'members' of the family a.k.a 'new squeeze' a.k.a 'new boyfriends' must be made to suffer through fire and smoke - and handle the bbq pit.

my cousins rini, wani and yaya brought their boyfriends that night, and since the latter two are fairly new additions, they were in charge of the bbq pit. kena buli sikit!

anyway, i have to thank them for a job well done. well, i didn't want my lamb chop to be 'well done' actually - so amir tried 3 times to perfect the lamb chop, (from rentung to medium well) the third time being the most delicious. syabas! hihi.

khaleef with pengantin basi firdaus and shina, khaleef with auntyna's youngest nayah, and khaleef with auntyna's only son amin

after tummy filled and stories shared, it was photo-craze sessions - mostly with the dubai boys!

kahfi with cousins rini and yaya, kahfi with amin, and kahfi with rini's boo khairul (yes, khairul jugak!)

kahfi was more difficult to pin down and made to pose - all thanks to the sugary-sweet icing-y cupcakes!

from top : kazim with wani, down : kazim with shina & amin, kazim with his wanna, and kazim with rini

and here's the star of the night - the latest kay boy - kazim! even the *ehem* boyfriends are passing around kazim to 'showcase' their 'fatherly' side. like my cousin yaya joked on facebook - 'semalam hari menunjukkan skill kebapaan sedunia'!

sleeping kazim with uncle amir

he even slept in the arms of yaya's boy amir! thanks la amir. dapat la maknye bergosip-gosip sambil amir dodoikan si kazim!

this was the first time that i saw all of them since i came back from dubai. so you can imagine why it was a such a noisy affair. gossips whispered, stories shared, news updated. laugh out loud was the theme of the day.

thanks so much auntyna for opening your house to such a merriment. love you!

* * *

cik, gim nak lagi nasi tomato okay. ikan keli jugak! auntyna, hari tu tak puas makan nasi ayam. nak lagi! spaghetti lansung tak sempat makan sebab banyak sangat makanan.

take note ye, aunties! hihi.

* * *

mak, we're in safe hands - as far as our tummies are concerned! hihi.


Wan Anie said...

bestnyer... makan jer :D

Nadiah Sidek said...

wah...syoknya blh request mknn kat aunty! nasib baik la 3 org anak buah je request..kalau 30 org..pengsan! hehe..

nadiah suka tau panggilan family perak..yong, nyah, wancik, wancu..biasa dgr belah family mak nadiah..rs mcm comel & lembut je berbanding kak long, kak ngah dll.

hari tu ada bgtau hubby, kalau safiyyah ada adik nnt, panggil safiyyah yong/ayong la..ikut style perak tp hubby taknak! huhu..hrp2 nnt dia tukar fikiran..ehe..

Nia said...

Makan BBQ best kan? tapi nak menunggu arang tu..huhu..kalau kami buat, biasanya husband la kena panaskan arang tu..hehe

Syigim said...

>> wan anie, biase la balik msia setahun sekali kan... hihihii :)

>> nadiah, bersyukur sgt dpt aunty2 yg bole melayan anak2 buah diorang ni nk makan ape hihi...

mak nadiah org ipoh ye. sayangnye xde org dah di ipoh ye...

alalalalalaaaa comelnye kalo safiyyah jadi yong nanti... comel sgt! :D

Syigim said...

nia, BBQ mmg best sgt! esp lamb chop..tapi betul la...kena ade org yg sanggup jagakan bbq tu..ngan asap suma...hihi..nk makan kejap je..nak grill punya la lama hihi ;)

nadnye said...

wah seronoknya.. makan..makan..makan.. and more meet up.. ambil gambar2..
u look like a school girl on first picture tu..

Syigim said...

nadnye! muka mcm budak skolah? that's the best compliment yg i penah dpt sejak jadi mom-of-3 ni!!! hihi...thanks dear! :D

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