Friday, July 23, 2010

Wedding @ Jeumpa D' Ramo

i love weddings.

a celebration of love. a union of two families. harmonious shades of theme color. oh, and of course - the food!

last weekend we were invited to attend a wedding at 'jeumpa d' ramo', an exclusive guest house situated along jalan maarof, bangsar. it's kind off like a huge bungalow, white in color - usually used for weddings, gigs and exhibitions.

it was the wedding of fauziah's brother. who's fauziah? my good friend from dubai! adoi. balik malaysia pun tengok muka sama! hihihi. kidding, ya fauziah dear!

it was all a wedding should be : beautiful setting, lovely pair of pengantin, smiling family members welcoming guests, loud laughter at every corner, and the shrill voices of children playing.

there was no joget lambak, though but a filipino band serenading love songs for the happy newlyweds and their guests. they played a range of songs from dewa's 'dealova' to 'endless love'.

at my wedding, the dj played songs over the speaker - it was too loud, too echo-ey and quite irritating really. i'd rather have these fellas singing sweet love songs with their pleasant voice!

fauziah & me

being indian muslim, fauziah and family don the traditional indian dress, the sari - specially for this auspicious occasion. she looked absolutely resplendant in her red sari, that i almost screamed in delight when i first saw her.

hey, mane satu pengantin ni! hihi.

the tall centerpiece

the setting was simple, with a touch of class. peach satin draped from the ceiling, with a chandelier in the middle. nice.

the centerpiece was pretty, but a bit too scary though. tinggi sangat vasenye! i half expected it to topple down anytime the boys became too boisterous at the table!

sorry this is a bit of 'after-pic', too lapar and excited tak amik gamba 'before'!

oh, the food?

the food was excellent. super soft kambing that fall apart easily even with a spoon, delicious ayam rempah, dalca - it reminded me of all the things i missed about kenduri kawen!

the boys were too 'sweet' for briyani kambing or ayam - so that gobbled up the cute little pastel pink cupcakes!

thank goodness kahfi did not go toing toing toing this time!

thanks fauziah and fairoz, for making us part of your family's celebration of receiving a sister-in-law. we enjoyed the lovely singing, and we definitely enjoyed the FOOD! thanks again, dearie!


Mama Safiyyah said...


ni fauziah yang budak ben jugak kan?

tak berubah pun muka dia........both of you look like zaman kita berjalan ke kelas dulu......muda remaja lagi......

arin said...

gebu nya cupcakes tuh.
p/s: ingat nak jumpa syigim last sunday, did smsed tapi failed. melepas lagi nak berjumpa!

Syigim said...

>> yeen, yup budak ben jgk.. biase la kita kan hot mamas. that goes for you too, yeen! ;)

>> kak arin, bebudak ni je yg perabihkan cupcake tu. mmg sweet tooth diorang ni.

xpe kak arin, i'll be here longer.. ;) kita jumpa masa bukak pose je haha

Fauziah said...

love the post and the picture is so nice....pas it on....

thank you mama sweet of you..actually muka baru almost to the same old fauziah....but the weight gain is still there.....

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