Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flying With Kids : What to Pack?

i travel back to malaysia with my 4 boys - a 4 year old kid, a terrible 2 toddler, and a 3 month-old baby. oh, and my favorite 31 year old boy!

there's A LOT to plan!

khaleef's on first flight!

i remember khaleef's first flight. sigh. how easy it was back then!

mr. khairul had already gone to dubai, and was waiting for us. i flew with my abah and umi, and a 2 year old khaleef. kahfi was in my tummy, and kazim was yet to be conceived!

it was a 2am flight. khaleef sat down, i switched on the in-flight movie to his favorite disney's 'the little mermaid'. after less than 30mins, he had already dozzed off - all the way - yes, ALL through the journey. he woke up only when the plane had landed!

memang senang ya amat!

* * *

on our second trip back home, khaleef was his usual 'easy-to-manage' self. he sat down, and immediately got comfortable with his in-flight entertainment.

what was new this time around, was we're travelling with kahfi - on his first flight, and first trip back to his home soil.

he too, was fairly easy to managed. hungry, i breast-fed him. when sleepy, he slept. when playful, he just sat quietly on my lap.

we got the 3-seat in a row, right up front so that we can have the bassinet for kahfi to sleep in. the bassinet is sturdy and looks comfy - kahfi slept well in it! however, he had to be taken out during turbulence, or else he might go bouncy bounce!

* * *

now for the first time, we're travelling with another addition to our family - baby kazim!

  1. make sure you have EXTRA CLOTHES - i got 2 for baby kazim, 2 shorts for the boys, and 1 t-shirt that could be worn by either one of them (travel light. it's highly unlikely that both boys dirty their t-shirt, i hope!)
  2. DIAPERS and wipes - few for kazim and kahfi. if possible, double whatever you plan to bring. anticipate flight delay or tummy trouble!
  3. shower cream, powder, diaper rash cream - i got myself the small packs of mini johnsons, and tucked them right in the diaper bag.
  4. PLASTIC BAG to dispose the poopy diapers, or keep soiled pants - you can also use the barf-bag available in planes
  5. MILK - for kahfi.
  6. own SNACKS, finger food & bottled water - you can't keep asking the stewardess for water, or peanuts, can you? i brought biscuits and cereals.
  7. entertainment - left it to the in-flight cartoons, and i'm saved!
  8. favorite BOOK - a picture book for kahfi, and of course, 'the cat in the hat' for khaleef
  9. TOYS - cars, cars or anything with wheels. more for kahfi.
  10. first aid supplies - vicks vapor rub, plaster and tiger balm (tiger balm tu for the pening mom!)

arranged everything nicely in your diaper bag. make sure all items are organized, and MOST importantly - easily accessible.

in fact, pack a small bag (plastik bag pun boleh!) with just one diaper, a few wipes, and rash cream if needed and place it in the seat pocket in front of you, before you keep your handcarry and diaper bag up on the storage compartment.

senang nak capai kalo ape-ape hal

  1. make sure you arrive early at the airport. you would have plenty of time for check-in. you must anticipate meragam, mengantuk, mengamuk or mengada-ngada drama from your kiddos!
  2. try smiling helplessly at everyone and you may get help and be able to queue jump! (the last time we went back, they opened a counter JUST for us, because kahfi was crying)
  3. this one i read somewhere - you can try asking if your flight is full when checking in because they can block out the seat next to you in a less full flight or put you next to a vacant seat, especially when traveling with a toddler under 24months without a seat; like kahfi.
  4. wide space, plenty of room to move, the kiddos definitely want to run around - so put a set of reins or a harness on your kid so that you can let him walk around the terminal - but still keep him close.
  5. make sure your kiddos wear distinctive clothing with bright colors or print to avoid losing them in a crowded airport - ALL my boys wore RED!

what's YOUR experience when flying or travelling with your kiddos? do share!

* * *

i hope by the time you read this, we're already safe in malaysia, gobbling up durian and sticks of satay kajang, plus plates of char kuey teow!


CikLilyPutih said...

selamat sampai ke msia ye. bawak bpe bag balik ek?

mama danial said...

travelling with a 6 year old macam bawak anak 3 orang, how laa?
i'll bring a knapsack which contains a tub of milk, termos for hot water, 2 botol susu, one bottle for air suam, napkin@kain candu@kain gentel. Danial will carry his own small bag which contain his PSP or 1/2 cars. Encik suami pulak bawak 2 knapsack - one for camera gears and the other one lappie for work (in case office telefon suruh buat keja emergency - it happens when we went to Jakarta, hampeh tul pi bercuti kena keja!).
When i travel, i will always carry my sling bag - semua boleh sumbat masuk (eye drop for contact lense, passport, lip gloss, phone, etc...senang, sangkut jek!)

The Juggling Queen said...

syigim, dah sampai malaysia ke? do get in touch with ur malaya number, mybe we get to see each other if it happened we're going to pangkor soon.

Hidayah Ismawi said...

ahaha.. the furthest I took my 3 kids on a plane was to Kuching .. the 2 bigger ones were squbbling over the window seat.. Hamzah hated the taking off and landing part.. they managed to spill almost every spillable thing in the food tray.. but we managed to arrive all in one piece :)

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Nadiah Sidek said...

mcm ni gayanya blh la syigim terbang dgn bdk2 tu without mr.khairul..ehe..

enjoy your day! sampai bila duk malaysia ni?

Syigim said...

>> ciklilyputih, YES!!! hihi. baru smpai dlm 2-3 hari. 3 beg besa, 1 beg kecik + 2 kotak + stroller!! hihi..boleh tahan eh

>> kak wawa...kain gentel pun ade skali! hihi.. reading ur description i agree la - mcm travel ngan 3-4 kids!!! :P

Syigim said...

>> fairus dear, yup. i'm in msia too!!!! horay! hihi. i'll fb-msg u my msia number ok ;) pangkor is nice! :) insyaAllah u bole singgah ipoh my abah's place if we're around :)

>> hidayah, SPILLing anything on a plane is a nightmare! but luckily i think they're too young to fight over the window seat, duk je mane2 hihi.

Syigim said...

nadiah, oh no no no...blom confident lagi nk travel without bapaknye!

duk msia sbulan camtu. best! :)

dbalkis said...

welcome home syigim...

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