Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Did Not Eat Frog @ Sakae Sushi

the japanese restaurant 'sakae sushi' may use a frog as its logo, but i don't see any on its menu. hihi.

you'd think using a cartoonish frog is just for fun but there's a whole meaning to it. the name 'sakae' itself means 'growth' in japanese, so the frog represents the company's aim to go leaps and bounds. the frog's smile shows the friendliness of the staff while the green color symbolizes growth. deep, huh!

the froggy icon is not JUST an amphibian - it's the company's mission statement!

sakae sushi is a japanese restaurant chain based in singapore. we went to the one in the curve. it was a weekend, and it was pretty crowded. fortunately we got a seat at the far back, just nice to park the stroller.

it's a tech-savvy makan place - it offers patrons the convenience of ordering food via a screen placed at every table, right along the conveyor belt where the sushi plates are.

mr. khairul had fun browsing through the many tantalizing pictures of sushi and all stuff japanese on screen.

as you can see from the picture above, there's a hot water dispenser at every table too, making it easy for you to add hot water to your mug with the green tea sachet, without having to call on the waiter everytime you finish your hot drink.

anyway, tech-savvy or not, i still prefer ordering using the menu. some things are better left as they were! hihi. you can ask whether this meal comes with this and that, or ask whether they use fresh corn or corn from a can, or request for something to be placed on the side rather than together - questions like these cannot be posted to the lcd monitor!

azi & syida

what's good? we went with my sisters the wombats. like mr. khairul, they enjoy good authentic japanese dishes too. i only tag along for the chicken katsu!

syida and azi passed on the bento (japanese box meals) and ordered separate dishes instead.

they ordered this smashing soft crab - which, according to them was absolutely delicious - crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.

soft crab

they paired it up with this plate of prawn tempura - a classic favorite of any japanese-food lover.

ebi tempura

* * *

mr. khairul ordered a bento consists of mix vegetable and prawn cooked in tempura flour. and was that unagi?

..and it came with this a bowl of steamed rice and this egg pudding, which to me was quite tasteless. also, the texture was too smooth that it practically melted in my mouth. this is probably a good thing for fans of this particular dish, but not to me lah.

* * *

a satisfied customer! hihi

when i go to japanese restaurant, i'll just look quickly for any chicken dish. here i found chicken katsu, which is basically fried breaded chicken.

yummy chicken katsu

it's absolutely delicious. fits every criteria for a good chicken katsu - freshly fried that it's hot. crispy exterior. juicy and well-marinated chicken flesh on the inside.

...add a bowl of steamed rice to complete the meal!

* * *

khaleef, as always, enjoyed slurping away his bowl of hot miso soup - salted to perfection. nice.

thanks, khairul san for the japanese meals treat!


Nadiah Sidek said...

asyik buat entry makan je KAK syigim ni (saje je highlight perkataan KAK tu..ehehe..). mentang2 dia kat malaysia. takpe..sabar, sabar.. :p

p/s: ada award utk KAK syigim! :D

Syigim said...

hihi biase la nadiah, balik msia setahun skali jumpa adik2 :D

heyyyy ape KAK KAK ni...terasa plak la tua nye! aiseh! tau la dia tu kecik comey je! :P

ade award ke...orait! ;)

Nadiah Sidek said...

mmg sengaja panggil kakak sbb tak nak KAK syigim perasan muda! nadiah perasan muda takpe. hihi..

Syigim said...

nadiah, kita mmg muda ok!!!! bukan perasan2 je tau!!! :P

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