Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slurpy Kuey Teow Soup @ Tapah R&R

being a proud picky eater, another type of dish that i don't really prefer is anything with kuah. mee kari, soto or laksa or bihun sup - not a fan. however, this kuey teow soup is too good to ignore.

if you're north-bound from kl to ipoh or kuala kangsar or penang, do drop by at tapah r&r, and try out the kuey teow soup there.

the presentation is so simple.

plain clear soup, soft white flat noodles, fish cakes cut out in thin layers (which i love), a bunch of fishballs and a sprinkle of daun sup. served with cut out cili padi in soy sauce.

that's it. eat it fresh and hot - a heavenly treat for any hungry traveller!

that's the stall - the 'sizzling wok' stall, number 6. their kuey teow ladna and chicken rice are also worth a try! in fact, the stall really sells good, delicious food!

for drinks, we just went next door at stall number 5. just go straight to the back where you see a counter with large water containers. order your drinks, pay at the cash counter at the entrance then come back to pick up your drinks. easy pizzy.

i ordered nescafe ais kaw for mr. khairul, and a sirap limau for myself.

one steaming hot bowl of kuey teow soup, and icy cold sirap limau. in tapah, halfway through on my way to see abah in ipoh.

perfect combo.


lina said...

selamat pulang ke M'sia..enjoy malaysian food as u can.!

Izan Ishak said...

saya suka kuey teow sup! sedap~~~

MaMa3H said...

pernah dengar gak pasal kuey teow tapah x pernah rasa lagi...wah..balik m'sia kena makan puas2 lah....:)

Hidayah Ismawi said...

wah! you planning to eat your way through Malaysia? hehe..

Am usually not a big fan of kuey teow ..dunno why ..

But I gotta say.. the one in the pic looks pretty tempting :)

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Nadiah Sidek said...

picky eater jgk ke? blh geng la kita tapi rasanya syigim tak seteruk kite kot bab2 makanan ni...byk sgt mknn yg kite tak mkn!

Syigim said...

>> thanks kak lina. mmg tgh enjoy sgt ni! hihi

>> izan, me too! mmg suka la ape2 yang kuey teow! hihi

Syigim said...

>> mama3H, stall no 6 tu mmg popular. kalo u dpt gi, try la kuey teow sup tu, and also chicken rice ngan ladna. mmg best! :)

>> hidayah! first time dengar org xbrape suka kuey teow! hihi.

must introduce to you a GOOD one so that you'll be hooked!

Syigim said...

nadiah, ape yg xmakan tu? kot2 kita pun sama teruk lah! hihi...togeh tak makan, kerang tak makan, bawang tak makan (tapi mesti guna utk masak! hihi) udang xmakan, tembikai xmakan..bla bla bla...byk lagi! hihihi :P

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