Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Soloist Push Mirrors, Man

let's take a break with a movie before my blog started sounding like a discovery channel for cuti-cuti malaysia! what do i have for you guys today? a drama based on a remarkable true story, an action flick, a horror movie, and a comedy.

* * *

an unlikely friendship formed between two people from different paths in life - one an acclaimed writer for the new york times searching for an interesting subject for his column, and the other one a musical prodigy turned homeless kook.

didn't think jamie foxx and robert downey jr. would make a great pair.

foxx with his touching potrayal of the boy genius suffering from pscyzophrenic disorder is a joy to watch. have you ever heard him sing? he is so talented. the aging look, the hagard appearance, plus the quirky mis-matched look he had on, he played the character so convincingly.

while downey jr. is in one of his many superb acting. i really think he became better with age. i first noticed him in the oh-so-cute romantic comedy 'only you' starring alongside marisa tomei. he was so cute back then. but only as he got older i saw his versatile acting skills.

a well done piece!

* * *

tsk! tsk!

watch this only if you harbour secret desire to have extraordinary ability to read minds or see the future.

it has potential - but bad acting, and even worse script spoil the whole thing. dakota fanning stoopped low to have accepted the role coz she is so much more than what her character allows her to be!

i like the base of the movie - people with 'special powers' (ding! ding! yes - smells like 'x-men' slash 'hero') are named 'watcher' - those who are able to see the future, 'pusher' - those able to put things in someone's mind so that they think it's the reality, and also 'shadow' - people who can hide people or things from the 'watcher' by blocking it from their mind.

ok, that's a wee bit different than 'x-men' and 'hero' because in 'push', there are groups of people with the same ability, whereby in the other two movie and popular tv series, each character has very unique ability.

promising base, poor execution.

* * *

the title really got to me because let's face it - there's nothing eerie than a person with a high imagination, faced with an image of herself in the mirror, in a lonely house, on a dark, quiet night. the mind can wander as you stare at your own reflection...

been awhile since i've seen a decent horror movie. and sebab nak mengada, i only watch horror movies when mr. khairul is around, haha. and i will tell you how i separate a good horror movie from the bad ones - with the really bad ones, mr. khairul and i would constantly bicker about, "eh, kalau i jadi character tu, i wouldn't go back to the mall. quit je lah!" or "kenapa mesti nak check jugak benda tu? lari je lah!"

and when both of us were quite silent throughout a scene, you know it must be a decent one. and this movie has some of such scenes. scary scenes, gory details, surprise element and all - it came up to a pretty entertaining horror movie with an interesting plot.

the ending would give you goose-bumps. really. if it doesn't, it would at least made you see mirrors in a different light, or in this case, the other way around...

* * *

yes, yes i'm ketinggalan - this movie has been around for so long, and i only managed to see it recently.

a chic flick disguised as a comedy. it's about men, with men as lead characters, doing manly things in their inexplicable manly jargons - but it's a chick flick. chicks watch it, chicks love the idiosyncracies of men potrayed in this movie and chicks love the endearing ending. chicks are the ones that'll go 'awww'.
i don't think mr. khairul would watch this movie with his best friend and saying, yah we would do that, or yah, that's how i feel when i first realized you're my best-friend, man - cammon! but the question posed is very cute (and challenging) indeed -

"are you man enough to say it?" - I LOVE YOU, MAN!

i remember mr. khairul snickering me off when i ended my conversation with a good friend with 'ok, bye i love you!' which i think comes naturally when i speak to a friend i really love and care about. teasing me to no end, he further affirms that he couldn't imagine doing the same thing. well, honey - do you think you're man enough to say it, now?

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