Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anak Bapak

this is my khaleef, and his brother kahfi. at play.

no babies were harmed during this photoshoot.

* * *

at the time of writing i am still in mr. khairul's kampung. found an old photograph of this boy with the adorable smile, holding his baby brother.*

does he look familiar?

..maybe because the boy in the old photograph looks a little like this other cheeky boy with an equally (if not more) adorable smile! anak bapak!

the old picture is of mr. khairul and his younger brother kay, probably when he's about khaleef's age right now.

* * *

speaking of mr. khairul's brother, he currently runs a company that supplies 'halal' and hygienic chicken to restaurants, canteens, or even for kenduri. i mean, who doesn't like chicken, huh? (ok, tokcik tak makan ayam) but that's besides the point. malaysians and chickens are like roti canai and dhal, or ikan bakar and air asam, or like burgers and fries!

puasa nak dekat, raya apatah lagi - interested, click on the picture for more information and contact numbers. oh hey, i did not receive any monetary provisions for runing this ad - just helping a brother out!

good luck!


mother of two said...

mmg samalah syigim.. amboi2 lamanya dia cuti... cepat balik dubai bazar ramadan dah nak start. nanti kurang pembeli ekekkekeke

ziah said...

ONAJI desu!!!!! macam photocopy la!

Syigim said...

>> sheila.. dah nk balik lah ni. hihi. cuti2 msia puas2 :) bukak kedai jual ape masa bazar ramadhan nanti? ;)

>> haha ziah, ye ke sama gile.. :P

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