Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meeting Miss Marissa Marha

at first there was haiqal, then haqeem. after that khaleef came, followed by sufiyya. after awhile husna came into the picture and kahfi joined in. recently, or to be precise - on 21st of august, a new member of the 'cucu podin club' signed in. sister of sufiyya shafiqah, and the 2nd daughter of my younger sister syimot. she is marissa marha.

welcome, lil missy!

kecik-kecik dah kasi pakai tudung ye hoho

congratulations to the proud parents and new kak yong sufya! she is gorgeous, red red red and adorable - the splitting image of her sister sufya!

the most amazing thing about her birth was that my sister's due date was supposed to be a week after i leave for dubai, but manusia merancang, tuhan menentukan - she came out early - 2 days before i was scheduled to fly! little marissa really wants to see her auntie gim and cousins abang khaleef and abang kahfi!

we met syimot at her home where she lepak a bit before moving to her berpantang station at her mom in law's house. naturally, we took pictures of the 2-day old shleeping marissa. it was just a few hours before i need to make a move to klia, catching a flight back to dubai.

thank you my little miss marissa, for coming out early so that you can be touched by your auntie's charm. hihi. i'll see you again when you come over to dubai!

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