Monday, August 24, 2009


ok listen.

today is already the 30th. yes, the date up there may have passed.

you see i was sick.
not in the pink of health for the past week. i blame the horrible experience i had with the emirates airline (which i do not care to elaborate).

i had no strength to blog. no mood to update. but i had this terrible urge (being anal too about blogging on the right date) to not leave any day or a week gap out of my blog just because i wasn't in the mood to write. so what i did was, each day i simply 'save' a title in the 'new post' for whatever is happening that day, so that when i'm up on my toes, i could just fill in the 'saved post' with my writings. and then click 'publish'!

so expect a sudden burst of 5 to 6 postings in a span of 2 days or so. that's just me. *smile*

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