Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Balik Kampung : Ipoh

after the fruitful cuti-cuti kuala lumpur with anak-anak haji sharifuddin, i'm heading back to my hometown, ipoh. to my abah's house.

i followed closely behind abah's car, just to feel safe (padehal okay je drive sorang-sorang kl-ipoh-kl) it's just nice to know that whatever happens, i have a back-up unit right up front.

my co-pilot was captain khaleef khairul, with the help of cabin crew kahfi khairul by his side (who's later been demoted to the back seat, under the care of umi).

do you realize how lovely the scenery is along the highway? OUR highway? i mean, i took pictures of us on the road on the way to abu dhabi, or as we're cruising along the freeway to balarat - thinking that the scenery was just breath-taking. never did i look at my own 'backyard' for an equally charming setting.

this was what greeted me as i drove along from kuala lumpur to ipoh. green as far as the eye can see. mountains and hills. clear blue sky with gorgeous plush clouds.

malaysia is just so beautiful!

we made a pit-stop at tapah r&r, munchin kfc as we haven't had lunch and it's already 2pm.

...and then we're off again on the open road, me clicking away in admiration of my country's highway.

i mean just look! - on the way to ipoh, after passing the tapah exit, you'd never miss the sight of a majestic waterfall on the right, trickling down a green hilly side, ever flowing - a never-ending stream of delight for the nature-lovers. the lata kinjang waterfall, one of the tallest ones in malaysia.

it is in fact, THE landmark of the north-south expressway. the lata kinjang waterfall is 'a tropical rainforest oasis with plenty of river pools, forest trails and picnic spots.' from the highway, only the middle part of the huge cascade is visible.

what a sight! found a nice site with beautiful pictures of lata kinjang. click!

oh, there's my exit - simpang pulai! and there's the hollywood-styled ipoh signage! home sweet home! ye, ipoh memang bandaraya bersih dan indah!

wanna know ipoh from my point of view? click here!


Anonymous said...

u tourism director base kat mana?

u know who are the guys behind this NSExpressway project ni?


Syigim said...

hello 'peminat' - thanks for dropping by. i'm no tourism peeps - but i'll always promote ipoh! :)

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