Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fish & Chips for Ramadhan Supper

this posting is dedicated to my chipmunks chip and dale; pinky and the brain; timon and pumbaa - my sisters syidot and azot with a message, "korang datang kang kita gi sini jalan kaki je!"

'the fish & chips room' is situated at a corner of the jumeirah beach residence, facing the main road, not the beach. we were looking for something light to munch one late night, and found that this place opens up to 4 o'clock in the morning. dah lama pun tak makan fish and chips!

it's a small, narrow cafe with seats enough for just about 3 families on the inside. there are ample seats outside but i doubt it'll be filled on this hot summer time.

the leather seats are yellow, surrounded by white walls and silver tables. so you kinda see yellow and white all around. there's a square yellow 'pillar' around the middle where there is a list of food served. i think without the pillar the place would be more spacious and can accomodate more seats. then again, that's the decor of the place.

the counters are right along the wall opposite the seats, with choices of fish fillet and other fried seafood to choose from.

the menu is really cute in size and shape. just look at it! choices range from the typical fish and chips - pick from hammour, haddock, red snapper and cod. also available is calamari and prawn, served to our liking - with their special batter or bread crumbs.

if you want to try a little bit of everything, get the set which can be pricey but worth it if you're really a fan of seafood.

we ordered hammour, as we're told it's the local fish and therefore guaranteed to be super-fresh. we ordered one first, as mr. khairul was still deciding.

when we received our order, we're glad we didn't order another plate - because the serving is huge! cut into half, the hammour was still big enough to feed one, with mountain of chips to share between us three - mr. khairul, khaleef and i.

we also ordered a portion of coleslaw which is a simple mix of cabbage and carrot but tasted so good and fresh. our meal was served together with a very generous portion of a rather thick and yummy tartar sauce which is an essential part when eating a dish of fish and chips.

i say 'very generous' because most of the fish and chips store - anywhere in the world - seem to be really stingy with their precious tartar sauce. worse, some make customer pay if they ask for extra tartar sauce.

with every bite of the hammour that we ordered, a recognizable fishy taste greet our taste bud. not the processed kind, but it was as if they took the actual fish and fry it, instead of a fish fillet dip in batter and fried. while purist of fish and chips might like the sharp fish taste, i don't prefer this acute taste of fish, but the tartar sauce saved the day as i dip bits of fish in a whole lot of tartar sauce. yum!

syidot, you must try this!

these are the seats outside the fish and chips room. empty during summer time but i bet when you guys come (syidot and azot) during winter, we'll just hang out here alright?

here's where it's at - around the corner in one of the many buildings of jumeirah beach residence, right next to umi sushi. cepatlah datang, korang!


tgh pantang said...

nampak sedap betulla....lepas pantang nak terus cari fish & chip....

Syigim said...

mmg sedap n masa ni mmg tgh teringin fish n chips pun! dah lama nmpak kedai ni tp br ni nk cuba.. :))

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