Monday, August 3, 2009

Doobidoobidoo @ Yellow Cab Pizza

it was about time the doobidoobidoo trio meet. syigim, put and irda. i just came back from months in dubai, put had to commute from kelantan where she's lecturing, and irda cosying up with new baby in putrajaya.

the plan : pizza tradition. 'tradition' because we seemed to end up eating pizza during our once a year puasa outing, since 1995. ever since realizing that, evertime we got together, we continued doing so. pizza, pizza! this time around, it's pizza at the 'yellow cab'.

this hip little pizza place is just perfect for me. look, it practically screams my color - yellow, black and white - ala new york taxi cab! we went to the one in taipan, usj 10, its newly opened branch. the other two are in ampang and kuala lumpur (near dang wangi lrt station and imperial sheraton hotel).

if you wanna look for the one in taipan, just look for nasi kandar kayu - yellow cab is nearby. and do not look for any yellow 'cab', because the only decor you can see from outside are rows of super shiny vespa painted cabby yellow! totally cool!

you'll face a bright yellow counter once inside, with stacks of pizza boxes on a rack. the tables and chairs were of the signature colors - yellow, black and white. the chequered wall has a portion in the middle with cute quotes and sayings on the perfect pizza. an arty picture of a busy new york street with yellow cabs adorned one part of the wall and another at the back.

overall, the decor was simple yet pleasing to my eye. it's all yellow, black and white - yes, i couldn't mention enough of the color combo!

even the tray was covered with a yellow rubbery thingy to keep things on top in place? yup. that thing - yellow. the delivery guy was also wearing yellow uniform with streaks of dirt brown. i was hoping that the cups, glasses and plates were yellow too but they use the usual plastic cups and plates!

an interesting bit i noticed was three metal racks with what seemed to be used paper pizza boxes - flattened. looked like it's for recycling. good effort there on the part of the yellow cab management!

and did you notice the trash bin? yellow! adorable!

while waiting for our pizza, we ordered chicken wings for appetizer. the flyer says 'make your pizza fly - add wings'. smart. placed in a completely white box with a yellow tape to seal, our chicken wing looked too simple.

put wasn't too thrilled with the chicken wing but i find it yummy. rupa macam goreng kunyit but it has a unique taste that is different than the chicken wings you could find at pizza hut or domino's.

for the main course, we ordered one of its classic pizza - the new york's finest with yummy beef, chicken, mushroom, olives and bell peppers. perfect. for an additional smaller pizza, we decided on the drool-inducing '#4 cheese' - described in the menu as 'cheese heaven' - with mozarella, cheddar, romano and feta cheese all in one super-cheezy pizza!

the #4 cheese pizza was - ah, for lack of any better word - cheezy! every bite invites you to follow monica geller to live in a house of cheese! and surprisingly you don't feel muak after taking in so much cheese! the only 'problem' was it's a tad too oily for a pizza. but the taste makes up for it!

new york's finest was - as its name suggest - finest! it has all the ingredients of a great pizza. without the trouble-some pineapple! it's way too filling for me by the time i enjoyed it after munching the #4 cheese pizza!

the thing that separates the pizza crust at yellow cab is that, like its ad say - 'uniquely crispy and chewy'. pizza hut's pizza is really bread-like, while i prefer th thin crust of domino's - but yellow cab's pizza crust has a really different texture. padat. also, it doesn't have choices of thin or thick crust, just that one chewy crispy one.

we ate the chicken wings, and tapau the pizzas. then we headed on to putrajaya to meet irda. the plan was to dine in at yellow cab, but irda's baby nur hannah zahra was down with fever so we decided to bring the yellow cab to her instead! (speaking of babies, i thank my youngest sis azot for taking care of my babies khaleef and kahfi! thanks, maksu!)

at irda's house, she jamu us with goreng pisang and rojak. nyum. sorry aku kutip yang cucur je. tauhu aku tak makan ok. hihi.

the night had to end sooner as put needed her rest - her flight to kelantan is at 7.30 tomorrow morning. work, love, family, babies and what-not colored our conversations. there was no mute button just now. yak-yak-yakkity-yak. it was probably one of the most anticipated reunions i was really looking forward too.

it was just the three of us, but together we made music. doobidoobidoo...

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