Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grill Thrill @ The Halia

cuti-cuti kuala lumpur bersama anak-anak haji sharifuddin still on!

on the second night we went to 'halia' - a cute little name for a makan place. it's inside the sime darby convention centre in jalan bukit kiara. the building itself is huge and i have been there to attend a raya do by a company but didn't know there is actually a restaurant inside.

bbq skewer buffet is their specialty, plus the mongolian bbq. more on this later!

when we arrived, a birthday party was about to end, so we waited outside while the party cleared up. naturally, azi and i, we took the time to take narcissistic shots of ourselves doning the 'new' tudung brought especially from dubai! hihi.

the area in front of 'halia' is super spacious - great for boisterous kids like ours as they have the whole place to run around. however it is after all, outside of the restaurant. it's not like we can let the kids loose while the adults are eating...

khaleef and his cousins ran up and down the long, broad carpeted area...

still waiting, we took shots of new best buds - khaleef and his cousin sufya - the super-shy, super-sensitive, look-at-you-with-the-corner-of her eyes while frowning type of kid! looks the toughest nut to crack can soften up with my bright and cheerful khaleef!

still waiting. and the makciks arrived. yong and syima. cikgu syazrin and the mak buyung yang anytime popping out another daughter and the 7th grandchildren of haji podin!

husna, yong's youngest girl seemed to find kahfi's stroller so comfy that she decided to make it her throne all night long. with that adorably smug face she sat and eyed her royal subjects!

* * *

the interior inside is modern, with wooden flooring and shattered glass-effect as divider. simple, but stylish. however i find that the space was quite narrow for a buffet place which should have ample space for people to walk around taking food.

when we were there, the bday party clan just left so it was just us and another family. so it didn't feel too crowded, but i expect it is so with a full house.

another interesting bit about this place is the staff would bring the long beef skewer to your table and plop some beef cuts or chicken bits on your plate - all for the asking!

yes, it is still a buffet place - so you have some more choices of food as you go around. there's a seafood stall with a wok and pan where the chef whips up a hot meal once you make your pick.

the others are the usual buffet fare - cakes and buns, fruits and salad, nasi goreng and pasta. the usuals.

there's also a chocolate fountain that the boys were simply hooked on. asyik-asyik nak suruh mak su diorang dip kan kat choc tu!

right next to our table was a kebab station. make your order and the chef would make one nice hot kebab for you!

while waiting for abah to pay (thanks, abah!) we hung out at the entrance. with plush sofas and spacious 'play area'.

'halia' restaurant on the first floor of the sime darby convention centre. jalan bukit kiara. big, huge white building. ample parking space. you won't miss it!

from left - my bro-in-law din, mak buyung syima, my youngest sister azi with syima's daughter sufya in front, the main man abah holding haqeem, umi with haiqal in front, me holding kahfi with khaleef in front, yong next to me and her husband abg mat. oh, and that's little queen of the world husna in the stroller.

we're missing my sister syida in melbourne and my other half mr. khairul to complete the picture. and then i'm done!

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