Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dubai Wet Market

when pressed for time, we shop for chicken, fish and vegetables at spinneys (it's like giant or tesco) but given the gift of the hour and also, whenever we're in the neighbourhood after a yummy mandy meal at al-tawasol, we stopped by one of the wet markets in dubai.

this one is in karama, downtown dubai. it's quite a distance from where we're staying, so we try to make the best of every visit here. chicken, assortment of fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables - you can find it here.

look at the floor! dubai market is super clean. of course it's not without the fishy smell but it's clean than most markets, sans murky puddles and stenchy drains.

each store is enclosed and air-conditioned. some storekeepers speak bahasa melayu! "mahu kangkong? pisang?"

storekeepers would sit outside when not attending to customers, luring them in with their calls and suggestions for the day's buy.

nways, after 3 weeks of orang bujang staying at our home, naturally we had to top-up the fridge yang kering kontang tu. and now that mr. khairul's lovely and super-hot wife is finally back from malaysia, she's ready to whip up yummy dishes just for him!

here's khaleef holding a big prawn, as per requested by his bapak. tsk. tsk.

well, i bet we're gonna be back buying a lot of chicken and such soon, in preparation for the coming raya. to the market, people!


paij188 said...

You went to Karama Market ekk?? If you want cheaper fishes and others, go to Shindaga Tunnel Fishmarket.

Syigim said...

heard of shindaga fishmarket. mmg besar lagi kan? ok jugak nk check out sana pulak. ok yg penting, sana ade jual ikan keli tak? hihihi..

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