Sunday, August 23, 2009

Malaysia Oh Tanahairku

at the time of writing alhamdulillah i have arrived safe and sound on the land of burj dubai, the would-be tallest building in the world.

at klia, abah, umi and my youngest sis azot sent me off, and my in-laws came by too to kiss goodbye their cucu sulung, khaleef and cucu dubai, kahfi. hihi.

in light of the h1n1 spread, we all wore masks. even khaleef who was very excited to wear one since it probably made him feel like a masked superhero. but to my observation, not many people donned the mask, eventhough being in a building where people from all over the world come and go in all directions.

my mom in law came armed with a few more goodies to bring back. i have 3 bags absolutely filled with nothing but food - ikan bilis, keropok ikan and such. i kid you not!

khaleef was alright leaving his atuks and opahs, uncle and aunties. i guess he was pre-occupied with the idea of going on an aeroplane!

saying goodbye is never easy. not only leaving family and friends (that goes without saying) but to leave the best place on earth - my home malaysia. the people, the places and the food! never can i find satay kajang in karama. or goreng pisang makcik bawah in al-barsha. or durian in spinneys.

a shout out to my 1malaysia team in my old office - dora, jo, jennifer, mohana, haida and ms e - i apologize for my absence on that satay-konyaku jelly-truffle day. you guys know i would definitely have tried to make it if i could. i love you guys!

until we meet again, here's an old 2007 clip of visit malaysia year, with our beloved songbirds the aziz sisters crooning 'malaysia truly asia' in the background. the shots are just gorgeous. enjoy.

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