Tuesday, August 18, 2009

H1N1 : Do Your Part!

h1n1. now you gotta be outta the planet for the past month not to know of this pandemic that has hit malaysian shores with sad, tragic results. to date, 60 deaths reported - much to my sister (who disinclined to be named) dismay of malaysian's lackadaisical attitude.

according to her, victoria australia was reported to have a higher recorded number of death due to h1n1, way before a malaysian died of it. now they were able to contain the pandemic with only 21 (correct me if i'm wrong) deaths so far, while malaysia's number is still growing. why?

my sister has strong opinion on this. i and i alone, (hihi) also feel that some malaysians are simply stubborn, selfish, ignorants infecting people with their condition despite being sick! the precautions are all over -

  • stay indoor if you're showing symptoms of a common flu
  • and if you must go out, wear face masks (the face masks is not just for your protection, but also to protect others from your coughing and sneezing!)
  • tak sempat beli/pakai mask? cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough

so just be smart and considerate!

have you got your masks? my just10 galpal anneeza went creative and sew her own face mask based on the idea of another creative blogger. click here to try it yourself!

be smart, be safe!

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