Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bazaar Ramadhan Dubai

ramadhan in dubai is a first for me, and the second year for mr. khairul. last year i stayed back for puasa and raya with the family in malaysia before joining him here. he said last year's ramadhan and raya in dubai were just as meriah as in malaysia.

meriah tak meriah? malaysians here ran their very own *bazaar ramadhan!

*what is bazaar ramadhan?

i don't know about other countries, but in malaysia, the bazaar ramadhan is one of the most anticipated events for malaysians, muslims and non-muslims alike, during the month of ramadhan. you can find hundreds of stalls selling varieties of mouth-watering food and drinks for the breaking of fast everywhere in malaysia from 1st right up to 30th. it's really a festival of food as far as the eye can see!

correct me if i'm wrong but the longest recorded line of stalls in a bazaar ramadhan is in medan gopeng, ipoh (only walking distance from abah's house!) and only in taman tun dr. ismail's bazaar ramadhan can you find people lining up just to buy putu piring or popiah basah. disiplin sungguh orang-orang tmn tun ni!

here in dubai, malaysians continued the tradition of our people by having our own bazaar ramadhan. it's held every friday from 4pm to 6pm at the compound of the consul general's house; tuan syed and wife madam sarah at villa 25, 19B street, al-barsha.

it may not snake till hundreds of meters like the ones in malaysia, or sell anything and everything imaginable to the palate - but a few stalls here are enough for malaysians to feel back at home.

nasi kerabu and nasi tomato; ayam percik and ketam butter, tepung pelita and kueh lopis, cendol and air soya - take your pick. there's always a good crowd here in bazaar ramadhan dubai and food always runs out by the first hour!

also, you can still see semangat 1malaysia here in dubai. malay, chinese, indians - all came to meriahkan the bazaar ramadhan.

when i came last friday, i had a mission - to get nasi tomato, tepung pelita and ayam percik. khaleef loves bread and hotdog so a stop at fida's stall was a must! she sells homemade bread that's fresh from the oven.

then i got tepung pelita from eiyda and nik's stall and their tepung pelita is yummy eventhough it's not in the usual boxed-up daun pandan. next week i'm getting that again!

another delicious find was the green kuih lopeh (my mak's favorite kuih) at nyta's stall. it was 1/4 of its original round size but the taste was just as good. partnered with the sweet gula melaka and you got a classic kuih that taste just like what tokcik makes. another kuih that i will look for again!

what about mr. khairul? his mission was to get any lauk, any lauk which his wife aka yours truly, would never ever cook. result? he bought perut masak lemak. i don't eat perut but i love kuah lemak - delicious and memang naik selera!

see, kat dubai pun ada stall jual macam-macam lauk kampung! if i'm not mistaken gerai lauk ni belongs to mr. huhuhu?

..and finally, before leaving the vicinity of CG's house, we bought the craved ayam percik. looking at the picture it looks more like roasted chicken but when dipped in their special white percik sauce - absolutely delish! i dunno about you but i've never seen a white percik sauce. selalunya peach or orangy color kan? but it still tastes nice. try it on your next visit!

oh, and let me remind you again that the food here sells fast so do come early so as not to miss anything! see you there!

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