Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cracked Up By Office Nuts

man, i should be blind-folded and maimed with a bazooka for still not meeting up with yong! but fret not my eldest sis - after mr. khairul starts up his bizz viz (business visits glamor-fied) you have me all to yourself! kang sampai boring kami lepak kat umah kamu ok! hoho.

* * *

mr. khairul had plans with some ex-mba classmates and koleq dudes so i took the chance to plan things out with a group of nutty peeps i missed so much - my ex-officemates.

coming back here i felt i just left yesterday - we hugged, i nearly cried, we laughed, we teased, we lunched and munched - it was exactly like as if i'd never left. even as i casually rumaged the pantry drawers for fork and spoon, i knew what and where to look for - i felt like i was just returning to one of my homes. i miss my working life here so, so much!

getting paid doing what you love? with people you genuinely like? with a great boss who can be firm and wacky, and knows where to draw the line? isn't that the dream? i got that here! read about my work and the wonderful people i work with here.

khaleef with his 'aunties' - mohana, jennifer, jo and dora

i often brought khaleef here especially when mr. khairul picked him up first from the nursery before meeting me here. so when we came here the other day, he immediately made himself at home as usual, running around and golek-golek.

they kept my old work station just as it was - lat's 'kampung boy' comic plastered on the wall and all - for sentimental reason and they miss me so much too (actually sebab there was so much junk!!!) haha.

this was kahfi's first visit to my ex-office and as usual he put his charm on the girls!

before going back dora measured khaleef! dah tinggi anak mak ni!

i didn't meet and greet the kids this time as i know i'd be seeing them before i leave for dubai. see you soon, kids. and yes, i'll bore you to tears with my dubai tales of camels and sandstorms!

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