Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kahfi Meets Wan Cik, Maknye Meets Nasi Tomato

remember the yummy ikan keli?

meet the cook!
my aunt, my mom's youngest sister.
puan norzehan, also known as cik to her nieces and nephews.
wan cik to her grandnieces and grandnephews.
and cik an to her peers.

it was the first meeting for kahfi, this grand-aunt who had been feeding his mom with yummy ikan keli, nasi tomato and char kuey teow all these years. only her youngest daughter siti, and younger sons abu and umar were there. her eldest wani is working in kl and yaya studying somewhere on the planet!

kahfi and his wan cik

too bad kahfi wasn't shining his talked-about smile - as he was a really smiley baby (ngan suma orang asyik tersengih aje - tak percaya cuba tanya) he was having fever and i dare say this was the first time he sported a moody exterior. otherwise, he's really a sunshiny baby!

uncle umar cakap, "mata sama!"

khaleef and kahfi met uncle umar (the chinese lookin) and uncle abu (the hindustan lookin) who just came back from school. they looked totally different, right but really they're blood brothers! the last time i saw them they were stout and chubby - now so tall and lean! "dah handsome lah macam zac efron je!" to which they just grinned sheepishly.

while cik and siti were busy preparing the table, my boys had fun at the main hall. khaleef ransacked his uncles' game room and found a few action figures while kahfi tried his best to reach out for the ornaments on the coffee table. bad kahfi!

and here is the main course! nasi tomato with ayam masak merah, egg salad and a must-have - crunchy popadam! i don't think i need to canangkan how good it was. i had three helpings!

salad tu messy a bit because siti yang preparekan. hahaha.

* * *

this house was the house i grew up in before moving to my present house when i was just finishing form 5. it's approximately 30 years old, and we moved in here after a stay in taman tun where yong attended kindergarten. this staircase seemed so small now that i look at it. i was a kid upon the steps! and i'll tell you sumtin - look at where khaleef stood - as a kid i used to climb right at that height - but on the outside of the railings - and jumped down onto a sofa.

gile tak?

sigh. so many memories. so many suka duka tangis tawa. if the walls could speak, i would...i would kill it before it could divulge any information!

after the hefty meal, as usual, gossip time! from cousins getting married to when-are-they, from life in dubai to stuff done during this holiday back to malaysia. yak yakkity yak.

thanks for lunch, cik. nanti nak kuey teow pulak!

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