Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best Kuey Teow @ Kelana Jaya & Puchong

i really, really like kuey teow. and this is how i eat it. (i have a system). i get my plate of piping hot char kuey teow. i then pick up every single (and i mean, every single) strand of taugeh from the clearly visible, to those hiding behind the folds of the flat noodles. when i get that thing outta the way, my kuey teow would then be in an acceptable state of heat, (not too hot not too lukewarm) best consume by yours truly. yum!

i've been looking for a good kuey teow ever since i set foot in dubai. failed. the only decent kuey teow i tried was in 'noodle house' at madinat jumeirah. the rest are just a poor excuse to have 'flat noodles' in their menu. shame!

so back in malaysia, i can't wait to get my taste buds on a good char kuey teow, two of the best that i know off is FAM, kelana jaya and in puchong.

* * *

looks can be deceiving, and i learn this while in penang. spots for line clear nasi kandar and roti canai transfer road may be oddly situated for a place so popular with food so tasty. however, you just can't help where you find delicious yummies!

so as the case with this kuey teow spot in FAM kelana jaya. restoran berkarat but serves good food! it's a corner-lot restaurant, with blue plastics as walls, shading the stalls from the sun and heat. previously, they have long rectagular tables but now they have round tables instead.

it's simple, yet comfortable and clean. the place offers variety of hawker food such as its famous char kuey teow, soups dishes, nasi goreng-goreng, and nasi ayam.

i had sore throat so i ordered for myself milo suam and for mr. khairul, barley suam. (if i can't have iced drinks, he can't either!)

and for starters, mr. khairul ordered his fav, must-have popiah basah which has cucumber, crushed nuts (among others). i prefer popiah goreng, but i always tried just one slice of the popiah basah, just to get a feel of this dish that he loves much! i don't really fancy this dish because it goes against my policy - the amount of inti overwhelms the kulit popiah! that won't do!

my appetizer was a plate of hot freshly-fried prawn in crispy wantan crackers. dip in a mild home made chilli sauce - zesty!

mr. khairul gobbled up his char kuey teow in no time! you can ask for 'besar' or 'kecik' depending on your glutton-ness. mr. khairul like his spicy (duuh!) but since i'm still having sore throat, i was shunning fried-food (hey, didn't i just had fried wantan crackers?) and got myself a big bowl of hot kuey teow soup! slurp!

my kuey teow soup has fishballs, fishcakes, strips of chicken and spinach. pour in a lil of soya sauce with cut-up cili padi - man! my blocked nose terus dah tak block! i really am not comfortable eating soupy dish in public as i get really messy and runny (haha) but this was too good to resist. armed with tons of tissue papers, must eat!

here you pay the waitress and hawkers the moment the dish arrives so you can just enjoy your food and leave right away, without having to wait for the waiters to bring your bill after finishing your meal.

* * *

the other place is our favorite haunt after work. it boasts 'the first penang kuey teow in puchong' - which i'm not so sure about, but it really is super-delicious in my opinion.

here we always order 'kuey teow basah dengan telur mata kerbau lembik', and 'kuey teow kering takmo kerang, takmo udang taruh ayam'.

i think you can guess which dish is for which half of khairul-syigim.

this kuey teow is mine, but i got the telur mata kerbau because mr. khairul complained that the egg yolk was not runny enough! so he gave it to me, and ask the abe to make a lembik-lembik one for him. now who's the cerewet one, huh?

(the picture is before i kutip-kutip all the taugeh)

yes, it's slightly oily (which char kuey teow isn't?) but it has the right amount of salt and kicap, with the right moisture - not too kering and the flat noodles are soft and silky to the taste.

this humble stall is situated in one of the hundreds of tamans in puchong, in a long stretch of goreng-goreng stalls. so even if you don't feel like eating char kuey teow, there are tons of stalls to choose from, with tons of nasi and mee goreng-goreng to decide on.

the task is to choose a stall which has a good nasi goreng USA, or a decent tomyam or a nice daging merah. good luck and bon appetite!


nor said...

Salam syigim..lama k.nor tak masuk sini...rupa2nya dah cuti2 msia...adushhh...terlioq..tgk makanan..balik ipoh tak???boleh lawan tak popiah S.S.ALI dan char kue tiow Dolly kat taiping tu..x leh citer lebih dah ni...dah meleleh ni..jelesnyerrrr

cibob said...

huhu.da lame x blk mesia n now selalu rindu makanan mesia yg basah2 panas2 pedas2 buat hidung berair baju comot duit habis. n bile bace dgn tgk pic kat blog ni lagi laa. char kuey teow antare terbaik

Syigim said...

>> kak nor.. br perasan comment kak nor.. :) kuey teow dolly xpenah try!! tp popiah ss ali tu biase.. ;)

>> cibob, welcome to my blog :) of course kuey teow, hawker food - they're the best! :)

lina said...

i pun dah lam tak pi makan kat FAM jauh dh balik makan kat situ...baru sekrang teringat..nnt lunch nak try pi FAM pulak..

Rara Joe said...

yg puchong punya tu kat area mane?

check out these postings too!

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