Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rambutan Picking @ Kampung Lalang

rambutan. the hairy prince of the fruit-ies. i love its sweet, juicy crunch, but i caution myself whenever i'm faced with this seductive red hairball - i get sore throat when i eat too much! and i will when it's in abundance back in mr. khairul's kampung lalang!

somebody stop me!

look at that rumpun of rambutan. selambak!

we dropped by my in-laws' place in kampung lalang to pick up khaleef who had stayed there for the past week. unable to resist, we plucked a few rambutans to bring back to ipoh.

khaleef picking out rambutans with his opah

my mother-in-law took charge and went to the back of the house, where there were trees laden with the red hairy fruit. the branches and twigs drooped to the sandy floor with the weight of the rambutans! khaleef joined in to help pick the red, ripe and irresistable rambutans!

sure there's probably rambutan sold at tomorrow's pasar tani, or perhaps you'll encounter a stall along the road. but nothing beats picking out your own rambutan, at your own backyard, on your own sweet time.

ah, the kampung life!


Anonymous said...


i wonder if those rambutans can be changed to hard cash Ringgit Malaysia notes..yummy.

Syigim said...

pluck it, tie it, put up a stall and sell it - yah, it will change into hard cash! ;)

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