Friday, July 24, 2009

Sambal Belacan Untuk Abah

yesterday we cooked dinner for abah.

i'm not a super cook, but i cook with love. *smile* enjoy the pictorial entry!

a simple prawn dish. marinate with serbuk kunyit and garam. fry till golden brown with red chilli and onions. serve hot. nyum!

* * *

masak lemak cili padi with chicken. blend cili padi and onion. smother all over chicken in the pot. pour santan. sprinkle serbuk kunyit till you get the desired yellow gravy. add a pinch of salt. put potatoes and stuff if you like!

* * *

lovely mix vegetable. just campak whatever vege you like! i have carrots, brocolli and capsicum. slice and dice. add oyster sauce and a little bit of water for the gravy. nyum.

* * *

i believe this is the first ever lauk that i learn to cook by myself without mak's help. in fact i was rather proud of this little dish that only i can cook (konon). i remember mak always put aside the white meat, cut it out in cubes for me just so i could prepare this roti bungkus dish.

tumis bawang, put in diced chicken. add cili, tomato and soy sauce. salt and pepper to taste. done. for the 'pembungkus' just use 3 eggs, and try to make it as paper thin as possible. baru sedap!

* * *

finally, the main act - the sambal belacan! mix and match cili padi and red chilli, onion, and garlic. ground them up in the mortar. when they're all meshed up together, add lil bit of lime squeeze and air asam. fuyo!

"abah sedap tak? ni syigim buat dengan yong? jadi tak?"
abah makan.
"hmm. sedap, sedap!"

..of course! it is cooked with love!

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