Monday, July 13, 2009

He's Just Not into Angels & Demons @ 17

syigim hits the movies - this time in malaysia! well, sambil cuti-cuti malaysia, cari masa jugak tengok movie! she's got a romcom (romantic comedy for the cave-peeps of movies), an action-drama whodunit and a feel-good comedy.

* * *

look at the movie poster! look at the number of gorgeous people that are in this movie! how can you NOT wanna watch it? they're all funny and fantastic in their roles, especially geek-roles-actor justin long (currently mr. drew barrymore) who looks surprisingly sexy and charming in this movie! and sweet, romantic ben affleck. sigh! i was in love!

those who are used to relationship's idiosyncracies (should i call him, or wait for his call, or leave a miss-call, or sms only? or email? or just 'poke' him on facebook?) and survived the dating war would find this movie amusingly accurate in one way or another. filled with funny, witty lines on dating rules and its 'exceptions' - it's like a movie-fied documentary on dating tips!

definitely would make you think of your own past and present dating quips...

* * *

i was jealous reading syida's review of this movie in her blog. i wanted to watch it since forever! and i wanted to write the review first! i hate that i'm now inclined to agree with her views on the movie! haha. (that's why i seldom read movie reviews before i watch any movie!)

fast paced, yes. interesting plot, laced with easy-to-follow clues and solutions. there's this anti-matter thingy. got stollen. then 4 cardinals (church peeps) kidnapped by a gang called illuminatis. illuminatis are pro-science. church obviously pro-religion. a clash of scientific logic and the belief in the divine power. tom hanks asked to help.

ok, i admit in the beginning i was slow in catching up on what the heck is an anti-matter and who's this illuminati peeps but don't let it discourage you from watching further! tom hank's character occasionally say a word or phrase or churchy jargon which is immediately followed by the explanation of the word - how convenient for me!

assuming many of you have already seen it, can you see the ending? i was shocked! really didn't expect it. i got goosebumps! it's a whodunit in the church upper management!

* * *

i like movies that played with time and age, back and forth, traveling to past, present and future. michael j. fox's 'back to the future' trilogy is a sure-fire favorite. 'time after time' starring christopher reeve is also a another winning movie of timeless love. another one starring charlie schlatter (ferris bueller) is another gem.

this movie is simple and sweet. matthew perry's character is mid-aged, and wondered whether he could've had a different turn in life. an unplanned splash over a bridge and suddenly he's in his 16 year old body (in the form of hot bod zac efron). the catch is, he's still in the present - so as an 80's high school kid, clothes that are cool eons ago, looked doofus in the present!

zac efron is absolutely hot. no wonder he's a heart-throb with more than half the girls on the planet! and in that 'musical', he's this cutesy, sappy, hopelessly romantic jock in love with the sickeningly sweet gabby - but in this movie, he's just hot (i have to get new adjectives!) and witty in the role of a mature ex-jock turned dad trapped in a high-school kid's body. it's sexy!

matthew perry played his character with the same charm and wit only chandler has. even as zac efron takes over, we can see hints of how chandler would've said it, when zac efron says the line :

"what are you wearing? you're supposed to be my dad. you look like clay aiken!"

enjoyable till the end!


Syzrn Syda said...

i've watched 17 as well~!
tapi sedikit dissapointed sbb i want more matthew perry!! :p sikit je die blakon!

ziah said...

i suddenly have a crush with zac efron just becos he was like chandler in 17... i love how simple the movie is!!!!

Syigim said...

>> syida, yup was gonna add that! lupa plak. i think matthew perry's parts are waaay to sikit!

>> ziah i have a huge crush on him too!!!! wonder whether he'll go for older women hahahaha..

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