Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dinner @ Casuarina Ipoh

during on of his roadshows, mr. khairul dropped by ipoh as part of his 'tour' - (kasi la i feel like marrying a rock star! haha) he got a room in casuarina hotel ipoh which is like 5 minutes from abah's house! (sigh! what i love about ipoh. everything is so close to one another!)

i took the kids to meet their bapak in the afternoon. the plan was abah and yong would meet us later for dinner right here. the kids golek-golek. watched cartoon. took naps. i didn't see mr. khairul for the past 5 days so i gave him a big bear hug! *snicker!*

casuarina hotel is one of the biggies in ipoh, and i remember occasionally going there for dinner with the family way back in my teen years, when mak was still around. this is my first time seeing the room, though. i like the walls. they paint it in smudgy blue over a white wall, giving it a rough but creative finishing. soothing to the eye too.

the bed spread and curtains were way too plain, and not attractive. but to me, the room is comfy enough with all the necessary amenities. but there's nothing in the fridge (people hardly ever take anything from the mini bar anyway) which means more space for your air sejuk or ice-cream!

the best part of being in the 7th floor room was the view. hey you may be saying 'ek eleh' but to me that was a wonderful sight of ipoh, even if it's just a small part of it. i could spot ipoh parade at a distance, alongside syuen hotel and the bangunan perak. a quick span to the right and i could see heritage hotel looking so small amidst greeneries.

* * *

fast-forward to dinner time. mr. khairul had a chat with abah while i took pictures of yong and kahfi. the boys - khaleef, haiqal and haqeem had good fun running to and fro across the lobby and the reception area all the way back to the coffee house.

this is kahfi's mak long. my eldest sister.

these are the boys. cousins. khaleef, haqeem and haiqal. gaduh or gelak, they're buddies in crime. silly or serious, they're a hoot to watch.

..or at least until you could not hold your temper anymore!

it was weird to me that haqeem didn't want to order any food except ice-cream. "haqeem share ngan mama!" his abang ordered fish and chips while khaleef at the extra portion of french fries and took some of his maklong's pasta.

when haqeem's ice-cream came, the other two looked on, drooling.

abah and umi went malaysian - ordering mee kari and char kuey teow. i wanted char kuey teow too, but i wanted lamb chop more. and i made the right decision because it was goo-od. the rack of lamb, that it. its side dishes, sucked big time.

my rack of lamb were stacked on top of each other, on top of a pergedil-like mash potato that looked like it's deep fried. pergedil lah kan? let's call a spade, a spade lah! then there's this crunchy soba noodle ke ape ntah which i think is a nice touch to its food presentation.

siap ade polka dot polka dot gravy tu on my plate! i appreciate the effort!

mr. khairul's lamb shank was tender and juicy, but was slightly salty. i love it still but mr. khairul took a while to finish it. he no likey!

after the scrumptious meal, mr. khairul left early to meet up with one of his best buddies living in ipoh - blood (jangan tanya, aku pun tak tau nape nama dia 'blood'). balik ipoh je sure jumpa mamat ni. nice guy. since i'm sure these dudes are gonna have a late night out, i'm spending the night at abah's house still.

lagipun azi nak balik ipoh hari ni! yay!

abah and umi took kahfi back home first while i lounged around at the lobby with yong and the boys. haqeem and khaleef main kejar-kejar while haiqal took our pictures.

..with countless takes as he either gets it blurry, or too bright, or too dark!

sigh. i hate to leave these memories. i might not tell her often but i love every minute that i could spend with yong. she's been there through my ups and downs, especially the worst of times - she listens and never judges. she lends her ears, then offers comfort. i did good, she rejoiced. i make bad judgments, she reasons. thanks, yong!

that's when you know that your own sister could very well be the very best friend you could ever need.

yong & syigim : chillin out ;)

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